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  1. I have been told that Mika sent flowers and a lovely message to David yesterday... If I have any further info I'll let you know.
  2. It’s been years since the last time I logged in here… And the first thing that pops in my screen is 4 private messages that David sent me and I hadn’t read. I haven’t found the words to express myself until today. I just want to remember David as the amazing person he was. David was a super friendly boy, always smiling, with very expressive eyes. He was the kind of friend that sends chocolates for Christmas, magnets after his trips, and sweets with ‘get well soon’ postcards. Being friends with him was an honour. He liked keeping in touch. He was always lifting others up, even if he needed to be lifted up too. I got used to his ‘good morning sunshine, want some coffee? ’ messages and to his ‘hola amigaaaaaa’ tweets. He loved sharing the little things that made him happy, such as a sunny morning, a rainbow, a cup of coffee or a day in the beach. If he noticed I was busy, he would just say that we would catch up another day. Now I think my priorities were wrong; I should have never put off conversations with him. He never complained, at least not to me. He always seemed to be in a good mood even if he was struggling hard. I told him I was very proud. I never thought I would have to face his passing. That did not seem an option when he first told me about his illness. As time went by I never accepted the idea of not having him. I don’t want to believe that I will not enjoy his company and our endless chats again. I got used to his friendship so much that the emptiness I feel now hurts. My only consolation is having told him many times how important he was to me and how much I loved him. But those many times now seem not enough. David would have wanted me to enjoy life as much as possible and this is the only tribute I can pay to him. Thank you, David, for having made my days more colourful and bright. You were a true friend, you had a very generous heart, and every second I spent with you was a blast. I love you loads. R.I.P. my amigo
  3. Please, count on me, you know I'm not on the forum as much as I'd like (when Im not on sick leave Im too busy xD), but yes, for sure. Anything for our Mika :) After all the GREAT, SUPAH, AMAZING and FANTASTIC work he has been doing over the last months he deserves the best!
  4. I so love this picture!!!!!! Many thanks for posting these great pics Belem, you should show your pics too. They are gorgeous
  5. Belem, como yo te amo... NADIE TE AMARÁ!!!!! ¿Y vosotros vais a alguno de esos?
  6. I have to say that I adore your signature I am SO happy!!!! And I do not even plan to get married in the US!!!! But the human being needs tolerance and this is such a big step!!!! I AM HAPPY!!!!!
  7. Hi neighbours!!!! Just came to say hello!!!
  8. Holiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!! Cuánto tiempo no???? Me alegro de ver que seguís por aquí las de siempre y nuevas caras!!! Hará que no entraba..... Años? Estuvisteis en lo de los 40? Venga, va, dadnos un poco de envidia a los que no pudimos ir (si hay thread ponedlo, plis, que entre que el formato del MFC es nuevo, al menos para mí, y mi ordenador también........) Besiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
  9. I did not know there was a thread for learning Italian!!! Grazie!!!!
  10. Ciao a tutti!!! Please, could someone help me with something I need to translate from English to Italian? Grazie mille!!
  11. Ciao a tutti!!!!!! Io sono una ragazza spagnola con un italiano pessimo!! Per favore, I am looking for someone to help me with my Italian homework! It's not much, it's just to translate a couple of sentences!!!! Grazie mile!!!
  12. Welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know you're always welcome in this thread, amigo. Btw, I'm a disaster, I know:doh:, just wrote a postcard for you:) I will send it to you asap!!!!
  13. o sea, no me subas estas mierdas por aquí nano.
  14. :mf_rosetinted::mf_rosetinted::mf_rosetinted: No tengo nada que añadir, Señoría... Bueno, mentira. Sí. Probablemente si conocierais a Rosa no hablaríais como habláis de ella, es todo lo que puedo decir porque no voy a meterme con nadie ni voy a entrar a descalificar a nadie, pero Rosa no se cree nadie por haber conocido a Mika, ni por ser fan desde hace tanto tiempo... Al revés. Es más, yo me he caído de un guindo, nunca me entero de nada, soy fan desde hace menos que muchas de vosotras, y Rosa nunca nunca nunca nunca se las ha dado de flipar ni de creerse nadie. Y la conozco bien. Yo no apruebo tu decisión de mierda de haber dejado de ser World Rep, que lo sepas.
  15. Sólo quería decirte que gracias por todo y que te vamos a echar un montón de menos por aquí.
  16. Guapa!!!!!!!!!!!! Hacía mil que no entraba XD

    Aún he tardado poco en verlo.

    Espero que estés bien!

    Un beso gigante!

  17. Thanks for reopening this thread It had been more than a year since our last post here And thanks for making me laugh
  18. http://www.elmundo.es/tendencias/2013/11/22/528c66a361fd3d25418b4585.html?a=3524b859673c43918eb360a9fa6d3464&t=1385129764
  19. No, no. Es más lista que tú. No va a la NC y aún encima te puede seguir llamando suegri:mf_rosetinted:
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