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  1. Oh whats it like there? Im from England.

  2. I know thats why i love MFC you meet so many people!.. me either :/ i'm such a procrastinator.. I'm from us,Texas.. you??

  3. Yeah I like that too, other people are intresting. Home was never my strong point at all, im alright im just doing my work. Where do you come from?

  4. No problem ;) I like... Love meeting new people. :D


    I am good tho I have homework= major bummer :/ how are youu!?

  5. Lololz!... Ughh tell me about it :/

  6. Add me on Facebook!!.. (Marianne Kathleen) oh, and on skype too <3
  7. Thank you for accepting!!! How are you?

  8. argh i hate nagging grannys :aah:

  9. loll..,


    I was jogging cause i was really pissed.. everyone keeps nagging :/ haha

    well thank you!, very much :) ugh well she's (my gran) is still nagging :/ lol ttyl! :) ..

  10. hey hey! :) thanks for the request!