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  1. doridori

    I'm new!!

    Big "Hi" and well wellcome to each new MFC member!!
  2. Thank you...of course that I will visit MFC because I want to know all the news about mika and co. ;)...the only think is that I will not spend to much time to write becuse I'll not have time...and I'll remember to ask you if I'll have problems with my english. All the best :)

  3. doridori


    Welcome! I had a similar experience with Orange Festival in Romania...the differcene is that I can't say that I didn't like Mika before because I didn't knew too much about him before Orange festival. So...enjoy!
  4. I wish you good luck with your studies, and hope you will find a little time to visit us sometimes :thumb_yello: And you can still ask me questions if you need any help with your English :naughty:

  5. Hi everybody! I want to thank again to all of you for your welcome greetings on my thread "I'm new" and for what have you written on the thread "Does mika had inffluenced your life?"... continue to write . I'm gonna take a big break because I want to start to prepare my graduate...I'm a student and I'll graduate next year. I will follow MFC but I will don't have to much time to write and to say "welcome" to each new fan. So...I want to wish all the best to all of you (special thanks for Silver )and to say "Welcome and enjoy!" to each Mika fan which will become a member of MFC starting now. See you ...THANK
  6. Hi! I say it this's so strange to talk with someone form my country in other language ...but is very well for improve my english ...and about the romanian thread the answer is yes...I've posted 2-3 messages there and I talked whith others romanians fans...I also wish Mika to be more promoted in our country but I thank again to Orange, because they've supported his gig in romania at H2O beach...and in the advert where was announced his gig in romania they've promoted his song "We are golden". And now I saw a new advert at tv in which Orange presents his offer for mobile credit and on the background you can hear Mika's old song "Grace Kelly". Orange rulz :)
  7. Hi! don't worry...if you read my story than you know that I also have problems with my english...and I understand your english...which means that your language is not incomprehensible . Yhank for your post and is great that mika's music make you more confident.
  8. doridori

    I'm new!!

    Hello everybody again! I had a little break for a few days and I didn't have activity on I'm here and I see that there are a lot of new fans...more new that me ...and I just say Welcome for the biggest part of they..I had a lot of work ....And for those of you who didn't heard about the thread created by me "Does Mika has inffluenced your life?" is the link If you want post you "little story" here ...and you must read the other stories:)....for me is was great to read the fan's stories...I had a nice feeling .
  9. Hello Anto and welcome! maybe you'll go this year to mika's gigs in Brasil or Argentina.
  10. doridori

    hi all

    Hi Kim! If you're a Mika fan than you're on the right place...which on MFC . Welcome!
  11. Hi Ruby! I guess that is great that mother and her kids beeing fans of the same artist..this is preety nice. Welcome and enjoy you and your kids!
  12. Hi Rita! Enjoy and I'm sure that you'll have a lot of fun here! Nice to meet you
  13. Hola!...Wow!!...from so far away...I'm from Romania that's why I say that is so far...anyway, Chile is far from the whole Europe . Welcome and have a lot of fun.