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  1. Happy birthday!!

  2. thank you :huglove::huglove::huglove::huglove: (sorry for replying so late:blush-anim-cl: )

  3. Happy Birthday



  4. :lmfao:

    That's it, now we know it :mf_rosetinted:

  5. :lol3: the same with mine

    i bet my connection and yours have an evil plan to stop us from using tumblr n mfc :mf_rosetinted:

  6. it's always with mfc and tumblr :roftl: my connection doesn't like mfc or tumblr :mf_rosetinted:

  7. cool :biggrin2: i'm good too thanks

    hahaha yeah my connection is so weird, especially with mfc :naughty:

  8. heyyy Mar :hug: i'm good, you? :teehee:

    you have as weird connection as i do :naughty:

  9. You're welcome :) It's no problem ;)

  10. thank youu :D sorry for replying late

  11. Annuuu how are youu? haven't talked with you in ages :bye:

    (i did answer you what you wrote about my bday thread, i guess it was never sent to you, and i'm only realizing it wasn't sent now that i came to say hi :'( must have been my internet connection at that time ,but anyway THANK YOUUU :huglove: )