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  1. I really like Hungary. And ofc Estonia 😍😍😍
  2. Eurovision this year has this cool competition where they pick different pictures from Instagram or Facebook where people have needed hashtag. 😎 Better ones will be shown during the shows.. hihihi 😎 mine's here.. 😊😊 can't wait to go to Lisbon https://www.instagram.com/p/BiUfBO2F7ql/
  3. So, can I start promoting my pic again..? This time it's Facebook. Once again, likes matter. Task was to put up best vacation photo you have, so mine comes from Finland..
  4. I wanna thank you all who helped !!! Sadly I didn't win. Just because two bloggers were ahead of me... And sadly it wasn't banned.. but still. You all helped so much!! thank you!!!! I might take part in another competition. so maybe if I do.. I can ask also your help again.
  5. I'm gonna be a bad person now and I hope I won't be kicked out or smth but.. some if you know about the competition I'm taking part in.. so.. now I'm 40 likes behind from the II place... ALL the help is still needed and appreciated.. only one day left in the competition and I still have some hope... If not too much asked. . can you like the picture and share it...
  6. Anyway thank you all! I think I have to give up now the other girl is soon 700.. I'm so sad now..
  7. If any way possible, I need your help again.. i have a tough competition mate now.. She posted pic yesterday and has already 631 likes.. I have 4 days til the end of the competition.. ANY help is welcome..
  8. On Instagram.. ? I have do shared it in "Vote for me " thread
  9. I knew him also... this is so sad...
  10. Ah that's swweeet of you!!! Haha , Yea, I asked some of my friends to share it on messenger... It's really tense between me and II place... I still need to keep it up..
  11. ACtually I haven't really posted on grousp.. I've asked my friends to spam their friends in messenger..
  12. And I'm ahead with 3 likes! Gotta keep it going somehow..
  13. Now it's 8-like difference!! It's so tense!!!!
  14. Only 30 likes between me and 1st place!!!!!!
  15. Thank you so much!!!! If you by any chance have an option to share it between your friends , I'd appreciate it. I'm done getting new likes So any help is welcome!!!
  16. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!! Edit : I hope it'll work and they're tolerant about this
  17. The first place now has 590 likes and I have 545!! Getting so close but yet so far ?? I've asked everyone
  18. Aahh Im only 85 likes behind !! it's so tense . We'll see how it will turn out
  19. Thank you dear and I'm happy to be back
  20. For those who have helped me, thank you so much !!! I'm only 200 likes behind from the first place. i appreciate it! If you haven't liked it yet and have a bit time, then thank you!!!