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  1. O değil de sahne önü biletleri 150 lira Hem de indirimli dönem kapsamında...... Bir de benim izmirde yaşadığımı düşünürsek 100-120 lira civarı da uçak bileti... Benim için baya büyük problem:dunno: Öğrenci biletleri indirimli dönemde 50 liraymış ama o kadar yıl beklemişim ön sıradan izlemek lazım asıl
  2. ama yanında 18 yaşından büyük birini getirdiğin sürece problem yok zaten
  3. you can come with me or you can bring someone else that is older than 18 with you My problem is on the other hand that the front row tickets are 150 tl (in case of pre-order) which is actually a bit much for me considering that i will also need to buy plane tickets as i don't live in İstanbul and i really... really want to be on the front row after waiting for so long
  4. Bence organizasyon sorumlularını ara görüş istersen ama sorun olacağını zannetmiyorum
  5. There you go... i solved the problem with my intense photoshop skills
  6. I came here to see if there is a pic of Mika wearing the Purple Shirt of Sex i'm dissapointed so far
  7. Actually we can translate it as The LittleFarm Park which would be a terrible translation but still
  8. I'm suddenly summoned back to MFC as there is a Sherlock thread
  9. I wonder if Mika missed me also Guess i'll soon have the chance to find out
  10. Never trust google translate I told that as a little birdie told me that Mika is coming to Turkey it is finally time to get back to MFC In case Mika may need me ofcourse
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