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  1. I hope he doesn't get a cold with temperatures like that!
  2. Hello! Nice to meet you! Yeah Mika and his music gets everyone addicted. Hope your dream will come true one day!
  3. Hello Lindsey! Welcome here, you'll have a lot of fun with us.
  4. Don't worry, you're right.
  5. I guess if it was a real release of a live album from Mika it would be known here as well...
  6. Hello, bonjour! I'm Elena from Germany, but I can also talk French. Good that you finally had the courage to join us! You'll have a lot of fun here. Enjoy your upcoming gig!
  7. Hello and welcome here! I'm Elena and I live in Germany. Have fun here with us. Oh and I can also speak French if you want to chat.
  8. Don't judge me, sometimes I'm colour blind.
  9. That's one of my favourites
  10. Already missing the anniversary competitions... as usual it was so much fun and the prizes were amazing. :wub2:

    Thank you MFC for organising all this!!! :flowers2:

    1. TinyLove_CJ


      My first time taking part in MFC anniversary competitions and I can't believe I won something! (a Mumu card) I think there's still a couple of puzzles waiting for winner announcements, they've certainly been fun to do! đŸ˜€