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  1. This picture just made my day :wub2:


  2. Thank you for the information! Hopefully I'll remember it on Monday
  3. So true... At least we got to see some pictures of him that way.
  4. I never considered myself as beautiful so I never really cared about stuff like that. Anyway, I'm using some make-up sometimes. I had a time (when I wasn't self-confident at all) I didn't feel dressed without.
  5. Oh my! I also haven't seen that one yet! For me it was in 2010, too
  6. This belongs to the gasmic thread as well
  7. If I remember it correctly he's there every time it takes place. As a spectator of course.
  8. Okay, I'm gonna confess it now: I caught this virus! And I'm "suffering" from it already for 14 years. No cure needed tho. I am enjoying it. Thanks for killing me
  9. I also had a dream about Mika last night and I blame the virtual concert for this. Actually it was nothing special, just me attending a real gig with lots of other fans. I've been in the first row. And after the gig Mika took his time to talk to everyone there for some minutes.
  10. I LOVE IT SO SO SO MUCH I have a new favourite suit btw which is the colourful one. But anyway, it was so good to see him performing and he was full of energy. It was just amazing. I already rewatched it two times! And hey @Anna Ko Kolkowska I took the same picture as you did! His look leaves me speechless!
  11. My favourite outfit already! Can't wait for Thursday! :wub2:




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