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  1. I am so sad about this post... I'm so sorry that he had a difficult time... Especially that he cannot be with his family now... what a terrible situation... I can only imagine what that must be like... But at least his mum seems to be okay for now... All my thoughts are with him and his family... ❤ and all other people who have a difficult life now...
  2. So you're a fan for quite a long a time, right? When did you discover Mika?
  3. Nice to meet you. Same here. I don't have to change much about my life really.
  4. Bonjour, Anaïs! I'm Elena, I come from Germany. I've been learning French at school. So I'm looking forward to a chat. Have fun here.
  5. It's my Mika gig anniversary today :wub2:

    Exactly 10 years ago :mf_lustslow:


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    2. Starlight


      @Mikasister thank you :hug: yeah, it was perfect. :wub2:

    3. Dominika


      Girls you've got so many bautiful memories over all these years :wub2:

    4. Sonelle


      omg such a special moment :wub2: happy mika anniversary babe

  6. That's the best thing to do - staying at home as much as we can (of course many people have to go to work) and avoiding any contact. It's so hard... we all aren't happy about that and feel lonely I guess... but us fans, we have something that others don't! We have Mika. Mika helped us through hard times in our lives and that's what he will do now as well.
  7. Hello dear! me and my family are doing fine. We haven't been going out for some weeks. And I'm getting some law stuff for learning sent by my mentor judge since today. So I guess I won't feel bored. What about you?
  8. I also do it that way. I think this is what you're looking for :mf_lustslow :
  9. The next episode will be coming to us tomorrow.
  10. You'll be missed my sweet Brownie... :tears:


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    2. Starlight


      I also love cats! We had 5, too, now there are 4 left... :sad:

    3. Londonmikafan


      Awww she was so cute... Again I'm so sorry:tears: I know how you feel, I don't know what I'll do without my cat:emot-sad:

    4. Starlight


      @Londonmikafan ❤ thank you!

  11. I could watch it for a while, but then my connection broke.
  12. If it's the end of the world, let's party
    Like it's the end of the world, let's party
    Wrap your arms around everybody
    If we're all gonna die let's party
    Let's party
    Let's party

    1. Paoletta


      @Starlight oh yes 😥:hug: it's perfect 

    2. Lilyen
  13. That's a cool idea! Obviously my one and only idol is Mika. But apart from that my taste contains a large variety of styles. So let's see what I can share.
  14. Wie man nur so sein mag... in der Situation...