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  1. Woooooho I hope we will soon know more about that. Cos that would be good news.
  2. Well, this beautiful guy won't ever look bad even when wearing a mask. so I wouldn't really mind. He looked amazing
  3. Mika always manages to make my day :wub:


  4. I'm still overwhelmed and left speechless by this wonderful performance that Mika brought to us all. My favourite part was definitely Promiseland and I don't think that I would change my mind again.
  5. You're quite right... All us paid for watching the stream and I guess it should rather be an official release. I don't think that this person had a permission though due to what @Anna Ko Kolkowska said about the description. Same for me. Well, the difference is really that we both had a ticket and didn't just do it that way. And of course I would prefer to have a DVD some time as I'm a fan of physical copies anyway
  6. I hope that, too! That would be the chance for those who couldn't watch it yet due to several reasons. Or for us to watch it again and again. In case we all got addicted.
  7. I love your review @TinyLove_CJ ❤ Same here! still too overwhelmed to say something!
  8. I am soooooo high from that. it was so good to see him performing.
  9. I think I can access this programme on my TV, but I didn't find any broadcasting time...?
  10. I think it's the best thing he can do at the moment as everything else seems kinda impossible... Hopefully we can see parts of that stuff though. As long as we get to see him that way it's a bit easier to go on without any gigs...
  11. Hi You'll have a lot of fun here with many people from all over the world. I'm Elena and I'm from Germany.
  12. For the reason you already said I would think that the others will be there via stream.
  13. From the first listening I can't say much now... The lyrics are really good and I like the message. The sound itself is not catching me so far. But we'll see how it will develop with time.
  14. I really liked it! I'm a big fan of animation, especially when it's done in a beautiful way as it is in this particular video. and I've also been touched by the story itself! Of course it's always nice to have a video with Mika as real person, but this one is very special tho and I'm not disappointed at all!
  15. Bei mir im Landkreis gibt es nicht mal mehr Sirenen. Ich finde, das war schon irgendwie ein Fail.
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