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  1. Thank you, MFC, for all the years of happiness and friendship and this wonderful week full of fun!


    1. Paoletta


      @Starlight :group_hug: yes i'm agree with you.. the MFC is a wonderful forum... :thumb_yello:

  2. Helloooooo Nice to meet you!. I'm Elena and I'm from Germany. Have fun here with us.
  3. What a sweet idea! Sadly I haven't attended any gig of the Revelation Tour, but I'm already excited to see what your book will be like in the end!
  4. I'm so excited for the MFC anniversary competitions already! :excite:


    @We-Are-GoldenWill you be my competition buddy again this year? :biggrin2:

    1. We-Are-Golden


      (Late reaction sorry :aah: )

      Yeeeeess offcourse! :excite: So excited :clap: 

    2. Starlight


      Be aware of the best team. 


  5. I'm glad he knows how much we appreciate the things he does. The song is really beautiful and I can't stop listening.
  6. I feel the same about his performance. For me the beginning of this new year couldn't have been better!
  7. That's true, I saw that, too. can't wait. I'm very happy that they seem to broadcast it because I have access to TV5monde on my TV.
  8. Wow that's a lot of raclette I've eaten raclette and I love it, but we only eat it on New Year's Eve.
  9. As the Holy Night has just began here and it's all calm and sweet I'm sharing our Christmas tree with you all.
  10. Merry Christmas!!!


    1. Serendipity


      To you too sweetnesssss:fangurl:

    2. Paoletta


      @Starlight Merry Christmas my friend... Merry Christmas GIF by Loof and Timmy

  11. Me and my family are always watching - Little Lord Fauntleroy (1980) - Mrs. Miracle (2009) and Mrs. Miracle 2 (2012) which are so sweet really
  12. What a lovely idea of him. Our sweet and generous Mika I'll watch it for sure!
  13. Hahaha true! In my family there isn't any recipe for cookies that isn't including rum.
  14. I can see it tho. In his eyes, they're smiling themselves
  15. Oh je! Freut mich zu hören, dass es dir wieder gut geht und ich hoffe, dass es auch so bliebt, weil sich sowas ja auch erst später zeigen kann...
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