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  1. Here's mine this year, lots of butterflies, birds, and crocheted flowers. (the place with the yellow flowers? my livingroom)
  2. Youth and Love is featured at the beginning of today's episode of Hollyoaks. About 1:05 into this video
  3. Tweetdeck only deletes a tweet if you reload, so I can still see it... "Red, how warm you make me feel... David Vacher / DV Photo"
  4. In parts of Europe.... but the rest of the world has to wait until NEXT WEEK? WTF is this nonsense? The world is so connected, why do this? Yeah, he better never try to convince us he gives a damn about anywhere other than Italy and France ever again.
  5. That's the only thing that would make the lyrics make any sense! A girl dancing around in her best dress is about the girly-est thing possible, so the whiplash of turning around and saying it doesn't make her less of a girl? It hurts!
  6. With the Chrome browser, I will have translated it ... I'll try quoting it, hopefully it quotes the translated version! Edit: I noticed when it quoted it left some bits out, so I just copy / pasted the translated text myself Edit again, I think I've got it all now! Edit 3 I GIVE UP!!!! it keeps changing sentences after I hit post! I believe the story about the Greek island,
  7. You can't see his face at all in these videos, I can't connect to them.
  8. I tend to not really like the really slow songs, but also, most of the lyrics don't really make sense to me... blue is a feminine color, don't trust rainbows... wtf are you on about?
  9. That looks like it could be Westminster Abbey behind them,and it looks like he's holding a diploma in his hand, so I'd guess this is 2002? I've heard schools in the UK don't really have graduation ceremonies like we do (in the USA) so I may be reading too much into this photo.
  10. "an adult who has no sensuality in his life lacks soul. " WT actual F? I guess I'm not a human being to him? But at least I know who I am.
  11. A list: Tomorrow, Tiny Love B list: San Remo, Stay High (chorus), Ice Cream, Dear Jealousy, Cry, I Went to Hell Last Night, Paloma (it's beautiful, and I appreciate it, but it's too emotional for me to listen to) C list: Stay High (non-chorus), Platform Ballerinas, Tiny Love Reprise, Ready to Call This Love, Blue
  12. I find Cry kind of calming and chill. Someone in the youtube comments compared it to vaporwave, which made me think about it in a different way, and appreciate it a little more. The issue with vaporwave, though, is I appreciate the creativity, but only listen to it as chill out background music, not as songs I specifically want to listen to. So I'm not sure that's a compliment?
  13. Maybe I just over-analyze my thoughts too much, I'm very seldom surprised by my reactions or feelings. And I have lost close family members and had traumatic health issues in recent years... maybe I'm surprised by how much I've been able to endure, but I wouldn't classify that as not knowing myself.
  14. Hmm, an instance where it would have been better (for me) of he hadn't explained it, because I was liking it a bit thinking it could be about a suicide attempt. Although the "god" stuff rubs me the wrong way, even if he just means it metaphorically as light or hope, because it's just not true. Also, I wish it didn't sound exactly like A Day in the Life by the Beatles... I keep hearing in my head... "the saddest thing I've ever seen... he blew his mind out in a car, he didn't notice ..."