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  1. Yeah, when I started seeing the mother/child theory, I was skeptical because the lyrics to me are very much about a romantic relationship (nobody's mom gets them high ) but the details keep adding up. Anyway, Mika said that the director had a specific vision of a story line, which means it doesn't necessarily have to match the lyrics. But the eggs, milk, photo of Joanie, 9 months... plus things like the big shoes (what kid hasn't tried on their mom's shoes?) I'm starting to buy it. I just... no mom sits on their kid's lap like that!
  2. It's the sign of cancer. I'm a pisces, which is how I knew. That shirt reminds me of a tradition in school, on the last day of school you wear a shirt especially with the intention of having all your friends sign it, write messages on it.
  3. I can't say I would have ever guessed "our loves attack the sun" but I can hear that when I listen for it. Definitely not a common English phrase!
  4. Things I've noticed in the video... The woman is wearing a wedding band on her left hand, while Mika is wearing one on his right hand. It was common for gay couples to wear rings on their right hands, at least before gay marriage became legal here, I'm not sure if it's still much of a thing. There is a "9" and a photo of his mom on the wall. The woman is looking at him as if she's sketching him, but it's an egg. (No bald jokes please!) Eggs would usually represent fertility? Not sure what to make of that. At around 1:18 he makes a motion with his hands very similar to when the woman later puts her hands around him. There are a couple changes from the original version! At around 0:20 when he's lip syncing to the mirror, in the forbidden version he is just gazing to the side looking melancholy. And right after the skull wearing the hat, in the original, we got some close ups of some of the men in the wall photo... in the official version instead we get a couple extra seconds of Mika looking over the woman's shoulder.
  5. Thanks, and it's boggling my mind a bit that everyone is going with "don't know what the messin"... like, with his accent that may be how it sounds, but that phrase makes no sense in English!
  6. My pass at the lyrics It's not a sunrise over canyons shaped like hearts It isn't bursting into song in Central Park It's not the outline of your face drawn in the stars It's a still-there-Monday-morning kinda love There's no dramatic declarations in the rain It's not a love that finds its pleasure after pain I couldn't train a bunch of doves to spell your name It's a don't-know-what-they're-missing kind of love Our kind of love, it gets better every day Crazy colors in the grey, our love is a tiny love, it's a tiny love My life was dull, I used to walk in a different way But now I'm dancing, dancing, dancing, dancing Don't care who can see me dancing Oooooh, tiny love Oooooh, tiny love Oooooh, tiny love Aaaaah, Aaaaah, Aaaaah This tiny love has spoken, and bigger hearts get broken Oooooh tiny love So small that you can't find us, the world revolves around us Ooooooh tiny love This kind of love, there can be no other way One kind of love blows the other ones away Sometimes it's tough, others think we're acting strange But it's our kind of love, our kind of love Oooooh, tiny love Oooooh, tiny love My name is Michael Holbrook, I was born in 1983 No I'm not losing my mind it's just this thing that you do to me You get me higher on a tiny love You get me high And if it all goes bad, and our love sets like the sun I'd give up a hundred thousand loves for just this one You get me high on our tiny love You get me high on our tiny love It's not a sunrise over canyons shaped like hearts It isn't bursting into song in Central Park We may be tiny to the world but in our hearts We be giants with our tiny tiny love
  7. I assumed the director uploaded it and forgot to list it as private until Friday. I have no regrets downlo-- er, I mean, watching it early. When it's officially released I will watch it officially hundreds of times, because I thought it was beautiful. It doesn't feel sad to me, just serious in parts. I hear Queen influences too, in the middle, but also something else when the tempo first kicks in... I want to say Beatles, but I'm not sure what specifically.
  8. Ok, maybe he does have a cat... She's beautiful! Edit: Nevermind Mat's cat is beautiful!
  9. I thought I'd post a couple recent pics of Willow And, if you remember. or have read back a couple pages, I had an orange tabby named Rufus. He was a cuddle monster who was the absolute light in my life, but unfortunately he had a heart murmer and passed last October. This is the last photo I took of him... I still haven't recovered from the loss, tbh
  10. So, I had a feeling about that cat photo. It just looked kind of professional to me? So I did a reverse image search, and it's a stock photo! https://www.123rf.com/photo_44052973_persian-cat-in-front-of-white-background.html
  11. So a cat showed up in his garden, and now it lives in his house?
  12. Cats will come when you call them, but only if it's what the cat wants to do.
  13. Throwback to that time my cat cuddled with TBWKTM...