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  1. Poisonyoulove

    How do you feel right now? part 4

    I feel a bit drunk right now. I've been dealing with so much lately. My mom, (who is elderly and disabled, I'm her caretaker) has been in and out of the hospital and I'm worried about her health. And I'm having vision problems, I have retinopathy and the treatment is medicine injected in the eye, which is pretty much my worst nightmare come to life. I have to do it again next week. One of my cats died last autumn and I'm still not over it. I've lost touch with most of my friends, and those who are left are so busy so I don't even really have anybody I can moan to... hence this post. Sorry to dump this on you all, who don't really know me... I just needed to talk I guess
  2. Poisonyoulove

    which is, the sound of your cell?

    My ringtone is the chorus to Men at Work's Who Can it be Now? It's perfect for me
  3. Poisonyoulove

    Ice Cream

    There's an official lyric video now...
  4. Poisonyoulove

    Ice Cream

    I wonder if there will be more than one version. Specifically, I mean, I can't see a song referencing 39 degrees as hot achieving any kind of success in the US. Or maybe he's given up on us. Regardless, I love what I've heard so far. I also thought of Prince, whom I'm a huge fan of.
  5. Poisonyoulove

    Mika & Cats 😻

    Why do I feel like this cat is going to demand that I answer a series of riddles?
  6. Poisonyoulove

    [The Voice] season-8, France - 2019

    What does he say, why choose Michael Jackson?
  7. Poisonyoulove

    Mika & Cats 😻

    To be honest, it kills my soul a little to hear him say he hates cats.
  8. Poisonyoulove

    Favorite song from each album?

    LICM: Lollipop TBWKTM: Good Gone Girl SFS: Toy Boy TOOL: Love You When I'm Drunk NPIH: Oh Girl You're the Devil
  9. Poisonyoulove

    Mikas music on TV/film.

    I'm not sure if this counts, because they didn't actually play any of his music, but today on Eastenders they mentioned Mika... in fact, it appears that one of the characters has named their baby after him! Kim was discussing baby names, and because her other kid is named Pearl, she wanted a rock name. She said she considered Mica, but that it sounded like Mika, so she said she played Big Girl and it made the baby smile for the first time. So the baby is named Mika. Here's a youtube upload of the episode, the conversation is from 20:35 to 21:42
  10. Poisonyoulove

    Christmas trees 2018

    I have a white one with multi-colored lights. I decorate it with butterflies, colorful birds, gold and pink ornaments, and crochet stars.
  11. This video is my happy place!
  12. Poisonyoulove

    2007 - Mika On 'What Perez Sez On vh1!!!!

    Here is Mika's segment, but I can't help with the rest.