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  1. Here is the thread for removing watermarks. These look pretty bad, though. They're beyond my abilities!
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    Mikas music on TV/film.

    I can't watch that either, from the US. I watch unofficial uploads on youtube.
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    Mikas music on TV/film.

    Part of Relax played at the beginning of today's Hollyoaks!
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    Mika in US Press - 2017 / 2018

    I've transcribed the bit where he's talking about Mika, in case anyone can't listen to it... Greg Wells: So he called and he said, "I heard what you did on Lindsay's record, and you know, sorry it didn't go, " we didn't sell very many copies. "I heard what you did on it, and you know, I've signed this kid named Mika, out of London, I think you'd be the right fit for him." Like, ok, I just got this buzzy feeling, well that's interesting. Anyway I wound up becoming Mika's record producer. And he had a song on his debut album called Grace Kelly that just sort of took over most of the world. PopShop: I mean it was a huge hit in Europe and the UK, and it was a moderate hit in America, as well. Greg Wells: He was too gay for American radio. In fact, the head of Clear Channel at the time told Mika's mother "we love this song, we can't play a song with a man singing in falsetto saying he wants to be like a woman. We just can't get behind it." Today might be different, I would like to think it would be. But she was literally told that. I mean, I didn't see that guy say it to her, but she told me that story. PopShop: This is what you've heard second hand. Greg Wells: From her! From his mom. PopShop: Just saying, in case anyone's listening and they're going to suddenly blow that out, and like this is what you were told. Greg Wells: It's what I was told, yeah. And uh, you know, that came out in the UK and it shot to number one and it sat there for seven weeks at number one. We couldn't believe it was happening. We sold almost six million records, wound up selling, I don't know, eight or ten million records, I think. It changed my life, it changed my, that was the record that changed my life.
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    The Pet thread

    Some recent pictures of Rufus (orange) and Willow (grey)...
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    MIKA Wallpaper

    Mine are all hosted on Livejournal and should still be there. I didn't make any that were straight up album artwork, though.
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    BBC Radio 2 presents the songs of Andrew Lloyd Webber

    Thank you so so much! I can't get enough of this song!
  8. He later said that all the women in his family yelled at him for saying he felt pregnant! Like, about 3 minutes in to this interview:
  9. He must be bored tonight? And he retweeted these replies:
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    US American Thread Part VI

    I'm from North Dakota, and we're currently in the middle of another snow storm. The roads and parking lots had just gotten all clear of ice and slush, and now it starts all over again! I'm always here, I'm just shy so I don't talk much.