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  1. Alexandra1

    MIKA as a judge at "THE VOICE" France 2014

    oh dear.... I really don't mean to sound negative but to me this is definitely not a good news. I've watched the voice and I really didn't like the whole atmopshere of the show, and I really really can't picture Mika in this show. only my 2 cts, but saying I am not disappointed would be lying. and as you all pointed it out, what about the fourth album... I may sound ... selfish or judgemental, but I hope it's only a rumour and will prove not to be true. Anyway... Mika will handle his career the way he wants, I only hope he won't get lost in things that are far away from his music.
  2. Me too !! I absolutely adore this overrated version... awww I am not gifted enough to find the notes by ear though thank you for your answer... maybe a gifted MFCer piano player could transpose it down on an note sheet by ear ??? **** I'm begging ***
  3. thank you so much for your answer !! .. never heard about these movies but I think I am going to watch them asap !!
  4. Hey would any of you know where I can find the piano music sheet for this version ?
  5. I'd like to know about those Dvds too !!! Thank again everyone for sharing
  6. Even the dog (yes it looks like Mel) seems to be smiling on the last pic !!
  7. Thank you so much for these vids. I can't stop watching them. I am really thrilled for all the MFCers who could be there last night. Although all meet and greet sessions seem so great, I have the feeling that this one was very special and Mika looks so happy and relaxed, some of you even got kissed !!!! I am so glad you could go to this gig, meet him and share with us !! thank you all !! And so happy Mika thinks of us as the most elegant fans !
  8. OK .... PRESSURE from me !!!!
  9. AAAAAAAH génial !!!!!! T4P !! that smile, he looks so happy !!! T4P T4P !!!! I hope an MFCer will be able to record that meet and greet on video, it must be so special
  10. can't wait for the reports !!! I want to know everything !!
  11. T4P !!! He actually ate a piece of cake on stage !! fantastic I wish I had been there
  12. the gig isn't over yet, it is 00:30 in Switzerland, so they must be talking about a surprise during the gig, not about the ROH seat !!
  13. which surprise are they talking about ??