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  1. oh dear.... I really don't mean to sound negative but to me this is definitely not a good news. I've watched the voice and I really didn't like the whole atmopshere of the show, and I really really can't picture Mika in this show. only my 2 cts, but saying I am not disappointed would be lying. and as you all pointed it out, what about the fourth album... I may sound ... selfish or judgemental, but I hope it's only a rumour and will prove not to be true. Anyway... Mika will handle his career the way he wants, I only hope he won't get lost in things that are far away from his music.
  2. Me too !! I absolutely adore this overrated version... awww I am not gifted enough to find the notes by ear though thank you for your answer... maybe a gifted MFCer piano player could transpose it down on an note sheet by ear ??? **** I'm begging ***
  3. thank you so much for your answer !! .. never heard about these movies but I think I am going to watch them asap !!
  4. Hey would any of you know where I can find the piano music sheet for this version ?
  5. Ok pour ton cr, prends ton temps :wink2:

    Oui, j'étais aussi au m&g à Avenches. Je pleure maintenant en regardant les vidéos :blush-anim-cl: C'était très émouvant de voir la réaction de Mika quand il découvre le cadeau qu'on lui a fait avec le MFC.

  6. coucou

    oh comme je te comprends !! tu étais au m et g à avenches aussi ? en tout cas tout avait l'air génial là bas

    je te raconterai colmar dans un loooooong mp dès que j'ai plus de temps :) !!!

  7. Il faudra que tu me racontes ça :wink2: Tu dois encore être sur ton petit nuage :wub2:

    J'étais à Avenches ce week-end, j'ai du mal à redescendre sur terre.

  8. I totally understand your point. how strange being a Mikafan can bring so much joy but also a great deal of sadness (sometimes) at the same time. I guess we enjoy his music, his gigs and all the events related to him so much we just can't get enough.

    You have a 28 yo daughter !! I'm so surprised !! You look so young on your pics with him !! I would never have guessed you already have a big daughter. I am sorry things aren't great with your husband, and I wish you a lot of Mika moments to come in the future !! Huglove

    we should keep only the joy about Mika in our hearts ;)

  9. I feel exactly the same you described "it makes me suffer, you think about him every day but you never get to see him, or so rarely... I mean he is a star, we can't see him every week..."


    I'm handling the fan thing very bad. :emot-sad: I live waiting to see him and that makes me suffer but Alex I have nothing more in my life, of course I got my daughter which is the thing I love more in this world but she is 28 y/o and has her work, house, I mean I have not to take care of her as a baby. she knows my obssesion and sometimes helps me to attend the gigs but on the other side my marriage is not good and Mika brings me a ray of sun in that empty part of my life. Mika makes me forget how unlucky I am with hubby. I'm happy when I'm going to his gigs and all that they involved, travels, meet fans, then chat with him after gigs, give him my presents and got his smile. I don't want to lose that:wub2: even I have to suffer :huh:

  10. Awww I'm so happy for you Alba !! You got to meet him, that was your dream !!! I am clearly Mika-obsessed again since I saw him one week ago :wub2: but I've been doing a lot of thinking since I am back on the MFC, maybe you will think I am crazy but I don't want to fangurl too much because it makes me suffer, you know, you think about him every day but you never get to see him, or so rarely. and it is normal, I mean he is a star, we can't see him every week, but still I don't want to live my life waiting to see him again. I guess you are handling the fan thing better then I do... ;)

  11. Thank you so much for these vids. I can't stop watching them. I am really thrilled for all the MFCers who could be there last night. Although all meet and greet sessions seem so great, I have the feeling that this one was very special and Mika looks so happy and relaxed, some of you even got kissed !!!! I am so glad you could go to this gig, meet him and share with us !! thank you all !! And so happy Mika thinks of us as the most elegant fans !
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