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  1. aww. I just read the report and it sounds wonderful :blush-anim-cl:. I`m so happy for you! Its brillant you´ll have the chance to see him some more thise year :yay:


    I´ll see him in cologne in November and it´ll be my first mika gig :DDD I cannot wait :boing:


    hey. how are you doing? :)

  2. hey hey. it´s so long indead!!!!!

    I`m fine. The exams were allright.They aer over and I´m in my late second week of holidays. Still another 4 weeks to come.


    I spend my time a lot with working and relaxing. How are you? How is your nephew?

  3. hey hey . ages since we talked. how are you? :das:

    congrats to the taken exams :biggrin:


    I`ll finish school next year... 2012/2013 is my final year.

    acting? cool! how is it? DO you want to do sth alike for a living??


    how have you been lately?

  4. hey you :) how´s ya? I wasn´t on for quite some time:doh:


    yeah, we´ll make the tough time together :das:... I`m not looking for it though ><. i all nervous cause not sure yet what do after school.>


    Is there still such a good weather at your place?? I could need some sun :wink2:. It was warm the last week... every freakin day I worked in the cafe!!!! And now!!!!! RAIN! COLD!


    Well. I ´ve still my job... It´s just that I don´t ahve to come when they weather is bad....


    how are you? how are da holidays? :das:

  5. hey hey :das: how´s ya supermary? missed ya on here my little chick :das:

  6. heeeey. I just saw da pics :lmfao:

    they are brillant :D you people are cool!. the poor poor reporter!:naughty:

    ofc I know who you are :das: Im a good stalker :D

    how have you been lately?? I wasn´t in here for so long.

  7. hey hey :)

    long time noe talk... I dissapeared of mfc for some time...


    yap school finished late here... Í´m in grammar school ...: I guess that´s sth like highschool?? I´ll have my final year (year12) next year.


    Oh :das: how was the francegig??

    I´ll go to see da man in Cologne as it seems :yay:


    how have you been lately?

  8. hey hey :huglove:

    how did all the exams go??? I hope it all went well.

    happy holidays!!!

    sound dangerous to sleep most of the day for 2 weeks :lmfao:



    wow... so you teach other students? that supbejct sound tough:aah:


    so we´ll look for gooe men on the mars? I`m in :mf_rosetinted:


    my last month was pretty good thank you :) . I finished this schoolyear in a quiet way... nothing spectacular. I spend time working in the café and time with friends.

    right now I`m watching the DVD of Adele in the Royal ALbert Hall... I think it´s breathtaking. She is gifted with an amazing voice and I like her little storeid in between the songs.


    hmm... I don´t have too much to do today. I´ll go to the cinema with my German course in the evening and I´ll have a lesson of maths before that. so I´ve still half of the say to be a bit lazy and tidy up.


    how are you spening your uni-free time?


    till next time :DDD hopefully not mikasoon:mikadas:


  9. good morning :das:


    wow. the 24th is sooohoon!


    yeah:mf_rosetinted:. my holidays start t the dasmn end of july:mf_rosetinted: I`m so lucky:mf_rosetinted:

    hey :huglove: how´s your friend? I`m glad you ´re able to see her for 3 weeks!!!!! have fun together :hug:

  10. how was da cousins bday? :das:

    hey! we shall repeat that chat with clara!!!! maybe itll work out the next days if I should remember my skype password :lmfao:


    how´s live supermary? :mikacool:

  11. waterfight??:shocked:

    tell me !!! how was it?:naughty:

  12. hey hey :)


    well. I`m not on holidays. this is the last schoolweek :kachinga:

    I´ll go to visit my best friend during the first week. she lives in another city (cause I moved some time ago). I´ll go to Bulgary (don´t know if thats correct and Ißm even too lazy to take google-translate:aah: )

    are you on holidays? :das: any plans?:wink2:

  13. the weather here is awfuuuuuul! rain and cold! so much about :shun:

    give me a bit of your sun... this is my last week of school and there isn´t much going on so I wnatd to work a bit at the café I usually work during thr weekends.the weather got so bad though and they don´t need me there.... but but but.I need money :crybaby: .


    any fancy plans for today chick? :naughty:


    all da best

  14. good morning :naughty:


    I know what you´re saying.My last year of shcool is next year.so I`ll have the A-levels and won´t have too much time to stalk mister MIka on here. (sadly:mf_rosetinted:) ..thank God (or whoever) there are enough nice mfc-ers who will keep me updated xDDDD what should I do without this brillant place? ah...so you´ve got your tough schoolyear next year as well! good luck too us two!


    haha. I actually can´t imagine driving the car for the first time. pls just don´t let me hit a tree or kill my driving teacher:doh:


    haha. yap I start to think parents walk around in the morning to wake us up and to make us feeling guilty for lying in bed while they start the day:mf_rosetinted:

  15. hey :)

    long time no talk :)

    how are you?

  16. heya my clever cookie :hug:

    good day to you

  17. ahahaha. did you went out with your painted shirt in the rain? :lmfao:


    how´s ya supermary?? hey! you´re on!! :boing:

  18. heya :hug: . morming.

    I`m very glad you didn´t forget me :lmfao: !!! I´m going to work on me replying more often:doh: . I just spend the last hour spamming mfc and interviews. I`m glad interviews and pics of da boss ar poping up now. I don´t know how i´ll be able to follow all that when the album´s out :aah:...the last hour was filled with just 2 threads:aah:

    life of an mfc-er is hard! *serious nod*


    yeah! I´m doing my drivers license atm as well !

    you´ll rock it!

    I had the naive hope I´d finish all the theory till the holidays start on the 20th of july....that won´t work out cause I´ve got still 7 lessons to go... I hope I´ll make the whole lot suring the summer though.

    how far are you with your licence yet??


    OH... my family is getting up now.I can hear them walking around:aah:

    how are your holidays??

    I shall go to work today and study a bit afterwards.

    have a good day :hug:

  19. you need to post a pic of it after it´s washed :DDD you could do a "before-after"-pic:mf_rosetinted:


    wear it proud :mf_rosetinted:


    have fun at your friends place

  20. :teehee:

    I thought it´s tome for some mfc spamming :das: what think ?:mf_rosetinted:



  21. hellu you :das:

    my little clever cookie :)

  22. it´s ages since we chatted.

    so did you listen to it lately? :das:

  23. wait what?

    sorry I`m so slowly today:aah: what do you mean??

    how have you been lately? I need ages to answer?

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