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  1. hey hey. it´s so long indead!!!!!

    I`m fine. The exams were allright.They aer over and I´m in my late second week of holidays. Still another 4 weeks to come.


    I spend my time a lot with working and relaxing. How are you? How is your nephew?

  2. tired after work and excited cause I`ll see mika this year and am planning the little trip now.
  3. is that basic knowledge? . thank you for enlightening me my little hero! I had no idea:doh: I´ve seen pics of those ways but I can´t tell it apart hey! what are your plans for today?
  4. hey hey . ages since we talked. how are you? :das:

    congrats to the taken exams :biggrin:


    I`ll finish school next year... 2012/2013 is my final year.

    acting? cool! how is it? DO you want to do sth alike for a living??


    how have you been lately?

  5. which tram do you take then? (I´m still looking for good ways ) and thank you
  6. hey you :) how´s ya? I wasn´t on for quite some time:doh:


    yeah, we´ll make the tough time together :das:... I`m not looking for it though ><. i all nervous cause not sure yet what do after school.>


    Is there still such a good weather at your place?? I could need some sun :wink2:. It was warm the last week... every freakin day I worked in the cafe!!!! And now!!!!! RAIN! COLD!


    Well. I ´ve still my job... It´s just that I don´t ahve to come when they weather is bad....


    how are you? how are da holidays? :das:

  7. hey hey :das: how´s ya supermary? missed ya on here my little chick :das:

  8. hehe:blush-anim-cl: ...well I just feel tired:aah:... I wanted to work a lot but yesterday was just circus... there is a festival for classical music on the market place... the café is pretty really close. The caf:aah:e was full at 8 p.m.... I went at half past 9 and it was crazy.. like the end of the world is tomorrow and every peep needs a last ice-cream:aah: Ouninpohja ??? are you kidding me? is that a place?
  9. heeeey. I just saw da pics :lmfao:

    they are brillant :D you people are cool!. the poor poor reporter!:naughty:

    ofc I know who you are :das: Im a good stalker :D

    how have you been lately?? I wasn´t in here for so long.

  10. aw hey I missed you my little hero haha. nothing much . I`m enjoying my holidays... it´s my free day today (Im working in the café almost da whole week). did anything shocking happen in mfc ?? will you update me? how are you?
  11. hey hey :)

    long time noe talk... I dissapeared of mfc for some time...


    yap school finished late here... Í´m in grammar school ...: I guess that´s sth like highschool?? I´ll have my final year (year12) next year.


    Oh :das: how was the francegig??

    I´ll go to see da man in Cologne as it seems :yay:


    how have you been lately?

  12. hey. I guess I can go to this one too do you know a nice (not expensive) hotel nearby??
  13. thank you for the news. 2 is not 4 ofc but I`m glad there are any the second date is during schooltime if I´m not mistaken So I hope for Kantine. what do you think when the tickets will be on sale??
  14. I I *crybaby* missed da mans bday happy belated buffday! Mr May you´re brillant and me don´t minds your huge ton of hair getting white :DDD
  15. let the tour begin (*gets down again*) I´ll just have to wait for the German dates. I´m excited for you all who go to see him in France
  16. have fun everyone who attends the concert today
  17. thank you for the pics peoplöe Mika involves fans again? a great oppotunity for all who were there
  18. thank you for the pics peoplöe Mika involves fans again? a great oppotunity for all who were there
  19. hey hey :huglove:

    how did all the exams go??? I hope it all went well.

    happy holidays!!!

    sound dangerous to sleep most of the day for 2 weeks :lmfao:



    wow... so you teach other students? that supbejct sound tough:aah:


    so we´ll look for gooe men on the mars? I`m in :mf_rosetinted:


    my last month was pretty good thank you :) . I finished this schoolyear in a quiet way... nothing spectacular. I spend time working in the café and time with friends.

    right now I`m watching the DVD of Adele in the Royal ALbert Hall... I think it´s breathtaking. She is gifted with an amazing voice and I like her little storeid in between the songs.


    hmm... I don´t have too much to do today. I´ll go to the cinema with my German course in the evening and I´ll have a lesson of maths before that. so I´ve still half of the say to be a bit lazy and tidy up.


    how are you spening your uni-free time?


    till next time :DDD hopefully not mikasoon:mikadas:


  20. good morning :das:


    wow. the 24th is sooohoon!


    yeah:mf_rosetinted:. my holidays start t the dasmn end of july:mf_rosetinted: I`m so lucky:mf_rosetinted:

    hey :huglove: how´s your friend? I`m glad you ´re able to see her for 3 weeks!!!!! have fun together :hug:

  21. how was da cousins bday? :das:

    hey! we shall repeat that chat with clara!!!! maybe itll work out the next days if I should remember my skype password :lmfao:


    how´s live supermary? :mikacool:

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