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  1. heya. I hope you still remember me :aah:. I answer so seldom I know.must be genetical desease:mf_rosetinted:


    I´ve been stalking you over fb lately though. I really like your phtography. You´ve got an eye for it. I bow my hat!



    well. if it´s autumn in 20 years you´ll have yeard to other new songs too:mf_rosetinted:

    you´re going to see him Italy soon won´t you? :das:


    I`m fine. All exams and tests are over. my holidays start in 1,5 weeks :yay: cant wait.

    how are you? how are you holidays??

  2. heeeeeeeeya supermary.

    I feel so ashamed that i`m not able to answer your wallposts in time:aah:

    forgive me I´m a busy hero.

    I love da shirt!!!!!!!!!!:wub2: you just painted on it? :shocked:... If I did so it would have looked awful :lmfao:

    can you wash it?:shocked: (not as if washing your stuff is important:mf_rosetinted:)

  3. hey you. you still remember me?:teehee: I´m da girl that need ages to answer:aah:

    how have you been lately? :hug:


    my exams are all over now and my holidays start in almost 2 weeks ! it´s about time really:sneaky2:. you already have yours ,right??


    mine last 6 weeks :boing:


    oh. you´ll see da boss in Italy this year? :yay:

    I`m happy for you :teehee:


    I´m not going to see him on his little festival tour this year :(. problem is Im underage and money is not growing on trees. BUt I can´t wait for the 4 dates he promised us for Germany

  4. oh non we Germans may be many things but not hasselhoff fans:naughty: nowadays anyway . I believe he´s been popular during the 90 I`m surprised by the variéty of artists there:blink: doesn´t really fit thank you for the screencaps and download everyone
  5. thank you for the wonderulf vids everyone. I just stopped by to hear the new songs but now I´m listening to it all. I´m very glad Any other world is still part of the setlist. I like that he can have more diverse setlists from now on considering that he´ss got 3 albums of which he can desice what to take. the band is brillant! I like that MIka played the piano during HE. He´s an amazing artists and it´s good to still see him playing instruments live.
  6. I actually really like the song.mostly the beginning and the end though. as soon as the first verse starts I`m kind of getting to getbored:blink:... it seems so long then and sth doesn´t fit for me. I think it has the potential to be a hit...depends a lot on how the studiorecording will be. I hope it will but my hopes are not too high for Germany... MAybe Celebrate will have a chance here.
  7. my thoughts as well:aah: hope it´ll be he first one though
  8. forgot what I wanted to say inthe first place when I saw your sig . I love it *keeps staring at it* show da shirt when you´re ready pls need to go now people have a good day sweathearts
  9. It´s great! I wish it would be more about his own music... but I like how he shares his tastes and it´s not a simple "I´m a star look at me and my awesomeness" broadcast.
  10. same here! It would have made a great first single!! I adore the Latin part! Can´t wait to finally understand it:aah:
  11. I can´t believe I wasnt really around for a few days and there is a handfull of threads I´ve got to explore:aah:
  12. I like the song. everything seems to be better then Celebrate:aah:. I do like it too but tool and lola are so much better. did he write this album when he´s in love btw?? I noticed that I like the songs he wrote when he´s ben depressed:aah:
  13. thank you for pics and reports... didn´t read it all yet but I`m in love with TOOL. I think it´ll be my fave song:wub2: thank you for posting all
  14. there is a snippet of it allready but I can´t really hear it . oh. I´ll go now. have a good day missie
  15. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah . I know :yay:

    can´t wait. hopefully it´s not autumn in 20 years

  16. ah okay. my holidays last for the whole august . mwahahahahahahahahaha :DDDDD what are your plans for today super-annu?
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