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  1. what time is it at your place? it´s almost 8 a.m. here . you´re on holiday for a month now? mine start in 2 weeks
  2. bit sleepy too. I need to go to school later today (what a pity:mf_rosetinted:) I´m watching "detective conan" (nothing better then animes:aah: ) atm and think what I should eat for breakfast :3 are you allready having holidays?
  3. heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey sorry. answer slowly. I`ve been all fangurling about yesterdays pics:mf_rosetinted: how´s ya my hero?
  4. thanks a lot Helena for the report and lil vid + all the pics I`m so glad to hear the mika still remembers how to play a piano:mf_rosetinted: can´t wait for other vids. seems it´s been a huge success I don´t know if I love or hate the hat btw:aah:.he´s wearing that kinda stuff for years now:aah:
  5. the true secret to his high voice maybe:mf_rosetinted: omm! I love the shirts and the bad I wish they´d be available in Germany too
  6. great interview! depends what mika means with "autumn" of course:mf_rosetinted:...and when?autumn in 3 years? can´t wait for dates
  7. thank you for the translation. poor MIka. He never really talked so much about his childhood and the tough time he had. poor him. I´m glad he´s got his family.
  8. I love the pic!!! Zuleika looks even better then Mika:teehee: teehee. (I´ve got trousers in a similar colour:naughty:)
  9. subscribes:mf_rosetinted: love you people:aah: never trust a mika
  10. I was a bit upset when I heard the songs for the first time. It wasn´t my cup of tea. I listened to them a thousand times then and fell in love. they are great and it´s still mika. I prefer MYH though. I feel like dancing to both songs and they convinced me when I heard how mika performed them live. He´s still an amazing performer allthough he uses a lot of that technical stuff now. I just cant wait to finally see ihm live on his next tour. will you see him this summer?
  11. I agree. he never gave his songs away just like that. and as he talked abot it was rather personal as well.It would have been great on his own album I think. (maybe there´ll appear a demoversion of him and his song on the net one day... would be amaziing *__*) what do you think of the other 2 new songs?
  12. nothing against childresn program:mf_rosetinted: *gives you a blanket* *pats your head* well... It´s kinda tough. If mika didn´t exagerate (what he like to do imo) it´s good that he just did spit it out. IF he was exacherating and the media decidedes to make a big hting out of it and madonna finds out he may have some trouble... and that would be awful on the other hand mika wasn´t in the news for ages in Germany. and people llooooove bad news around here (weird:sneaky2: ) ...so hell get into our news and maybe someone may google him... what do you think of the whole lot?
  13. heya :das:

    I`m so sorry for answering so late:aah:


    20 peeps are good for a party. It doesn´t have to be many to have fun imo.


    My exams were all rather good:wink2:. could be always better but the marks are good and I can´t wait for the holidays now.

    they just start on the 20th of july this year:sneaky2:. It´s kinda really late...It´s usually aroud the first week in july.


    Will you see mika this year? (did I ask that allready ages ago?:doh:)

  14. hey hey :)

    so youre exams are all over by now? :yay:


    I wrote my last one on friday :boing:

    I won´t be able to change much about my marks anymore which is partly good and partly a bad thing:aah:


    Oh man! You´re mika gig is rather soon!! Every day is a step closer to see him perform live:blush-anim-cl:. So jealous and happy for you:teehee:


    Ive been good. am stalking the mfc the now since there isn´t much homework to do. thank go for that:mf_rosetinted::aah:


    hmm.the new songs... I had some difficulties with falling in love with them... just wasn´t my cup of tea. I like them now and listen to them A LOT ! but it´s not like other mikasongs I could hear for hours without getting tired of them.

    how do you like them?


    how aer you lately?:wub2:

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