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    still in the school days:/ not for much longer though!;)
  1. fellow mika fans;) would it be possible to delete my account?! im never on here, and its just something i dont want anymore. i am still of course a huge mika fan! just dont want an account anymore:/ sorry guys:) please can someone tell me how to? iv searched high & low, and no luck!:/ thankyou:D
  2. ok guys, so i have a twitter just to...stalk MIKA;) haha. but i have hardly any followers:/. if any one has twitter let me know, i'll follow back my twitter: @hollygibbsxx
  3. FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER @hollygibbsxx

  4. thanks for the add!:)

  5. is he coming to the UK? D: i beeegggg that he does, im in love tbh <3
  6. Woo! You should come onto the threads more often! Get to talk to some people!

  7. awsome, i have finally made a friend on here :')

  8. Hey! Eloise here! :bye:

  9. hello:') its 'hollygibbsxx' offa twitter;)

  10. hello :) !

    yeah i have heard you made me, im listening to it now as we speak! haha, i also erase which is quite good! i wish instant martyr was longer aswell!

  11. gibbo<3


    of course we can id love too! also, glad i have found more than myself who love it!
  12. gibbo<3


    of course we can i'd love too!
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