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  1. Hey sweetness! Just logged in after an eternity and wanted to stop by and leave a :huglove: on your wall. Oh, and a :das: And another one :das:



  2. Hey! I read it, I haven't been in here myself either for a long time as you can see hehe sorry for that too..Guess we where in the same

  3. Wowwwww I haven't been on in ages and I feel sooo guilty... So sorry. How have you been? I need to start coming on here more I just rely on twitter for updates lol :( I'm so bad

  4. Hello Cat..!:bye:

    This time I sorry to you, cause I didnt see your post on my wall, cause I wast here some time too.


    Btw, how are you..? Whats new..?

  5. hey hey . ages since we talked. how are you? :das:

    congrats to the taken exams :biggrin:


    I`ll finish school next year... 2012/2013 is my final year.

    acting? cool! how is it? DO you want to do sth alike for a living??


    how have you been lately?

  6. It's not exactly soon, we won't be getting married until November next year. I was a little surprised that you haven't been to a wedding...


    Ewww... you poor thing. Hopefully uni isn't too full on so you can get some sleep.



    I definitely don't like to do too much on the weekends... except see friends, and maybe play games...

  7. Yup :aah:


    Oh good,aha nice :3

  8. Okay, it's brown. :aah:


    Animals are fine to me, but I love to support and protect it against other things like animal testing for cosmetics and things like that


    The week has been fine to me, thanks. I went laser tagging with my friends and it was awesome! :biggrin2: And yes, acting classes are so cool, I wish will have it next year. How about you?

  9. Hey,I'm fine.And I'm travel in HK now!!!Live in my cousin's home.:biggrin2:Acting class???Have what activities????(do you have facebook account???)

  10. I'm goooood. except that I have no internet :aah: Now I'm not home so i'll be mostly on mobile xD so i'll be slow to answer :teehee: how are you?

  11. :roftl:


    My orginal hari colour is a lighter brown, liek the pic I posted in the photo thread,. Atm it is dark brown, but the dye is washing out !!


    Yes, that RSPCA does support animals :pinkbow: I love animals, they are all so sweet and cute! and thanks!


    So how have you been this past week? I had acting classes last week (they were AMAZING!)

  12. WOW! You are getting married! Soon? Soon-ish? :boing: I don't think I really want to get married when I am older, but I really want to see one as I have never been :aah:


    Sleep ios a mazing, I start uni again on Monday so I know that for the next few months Sleep and I won't be spending much time together :bleh:


    No one likes to work on weekends, or study for that matter... or do anythign on weekends :P

  13. :huglove: HEY!


    MY exams went well! I did okay, not as well as I would have liked, but hey... Not everything always goes to plan :fisch:


    Naa, micro is easy! Microeconomics is just looking at how markets interact! EASY :naughty:


    What school year did you finish?! Oh and I totally agree about Adele :teehee:


    German course iin the evening? :blink: And eww... maths :aah:


    My free-time.... Well, last week I had a 5 day actng course :boing: I've never acted before but it was sooooooooo much fun, I really loved it!


    Hope you have been haing as much as I have been in the past 2 weeks :hug:

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