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  1. Hi, Lizzy Welcome to MFC, have fun!
  2. I don't think she was joking, since Giulio is taking care of them
  3. It's weird, I could share here on MFC posts from IG until two days ago, it worked fine before
  4. I've been reading a bit about their latest updates, but can't find anything about that issue, that's why I thought it could be from our software : https://blog.hootsuite.com/instagram-updates/ . Initially I thought it's a theme bug, but I see it happens on both themes
  5. This is a supplement of the Corriere dela Serra, and from what I know you can get it only from Italy, at least this is how I got it. Not sure if there's a way to get it delivered to other countries, maybe Italian fans knows more.
  6. I got it too before, but never lasted for two days, that's why I supposed it's not an IG issue, they would have fix it by now.
  7. I thought about that initially, but now I've seen a post of Eriko and it looks the same. I also tried from my phone and still the same problem
  8. I'm trying to post a link from IG since yesterday, but I keep get this message:
  9. I'm curios too, any Italian fans could help?
  10. I hope the girl with the green hair will win.
  11. Thank you, but this is not my skill , I can tell now: I knew who will be in Mika's team ( and Manuelito's team) since two weeks ago I didn't want to spoil the episode, but there was an article in Italian media about that. Apparently Opel, one of the sponsors, has published by mistake ( or not ) the pics with the finalists of these two judges on their FB page, posing next to their car https://www.blogtvitaliana.it/2020/10/x-factor-2020-concorrenti-dei-live.html They also tweeted about that two weeks ago, but it seems that many people missed it. Anyway, I can tell tha
  12. I think the translation would be "Now it's here for real" because it's about winter, not a person
  13. It seems it's from the American sitcom The Odd Couple, never heard of it : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Odd_Couple_(1970_TV_series) https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Tony_Randall_Jack_Klugman_Odd_Couple_1973.JPG
  14. mikainstagram_122137414_761157348067684_329625548708120208_n.mp4
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