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  1. There you go :
  2. Hi, Ana! Welcome to MFC, have fun! We're waiting for your report after the Toronto concert, I'm sure you'll have a fabulous experience
  3. Thanks! Can we do something to reverse the mirror image?
  4. Buna din nou! Sper sa mai prinda viata locul asta, putini compatrioti au auzit de Mika... Sper sa anunte ceva evenimente si mai aproape de noi in viitor
  5. Hi, Stefania! Welcome to MFC, bine ai venit! Happy to see a new fan from Romania joining the forum, if you need any help you can PM I'm Cristina, see you around
  6. Hi, Charline! Welcome to MFC Here's the place to chat in french with other fans, if you want:
  7. Hi, Lindsey! Welcome to MFC, I hope you'll enjoy the place and find more things about Mika and his work here
  8. Hi, Clémence! Welcome to MFC, it's better later than never Enjoy the place, I already know you'll enjoy the gig a lot!
  9. Hi, Julie! Welcome to MFC, enjoy the place
  10. Hi, Sandrine! Welcome to MFC, have fun!
  11. Not sure I understand well, they say it's not official yet?
  12. Hi, Nora! Welcome to MFC, enjoy!
  13. krysady

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    Hi, Susi! Welcome to MFC, enjoy!
  14. He said in some interview that the only collaboration he ever wanted to do by his will was the one with Fedez, if I'm not wrong, and many times he mentioned that he hates doing this kind of projects, so I don't know what to think But since this girl is so popular, let's hope this will bring him more fame from the targeted audience
  15. Indeed, but I've seen on eBay some time ago a few Kukulakuki being sold for €700 Probably being a limited edition, not only Mika fans are interested on them, but also the Swatch collectors
  16. I see there's also the KUKULAKUKI Swatch watch limited edition, only 999 items in the world :
  17. He mentioned in some interviews that his record label pushed him to do a collaboration for the latino market, probably he had to give up and do it in the end.
  18. your heart on your sleeve
  19. Mika nominee at the GLAAD Media Awards : The Nominees for the 31st Annual GLAAD Media Awards
  20. Here is a video from a m&g after The Voice recordings a few years ago, he asked again the fans to stop waiting for him and stop giving him presents all the time, with a quite firm tone: No more presents.mp4
  21. Hi, Shirley! Welcome to MFC, enjoy the forum and Mika's world!
  22. krysady

    Hi there!

    Hi, @Dilo Welcome to MFC, enjoy!
  23. This one, probably you can't see it on the phone