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  1. Mika IG story: 88616098_1207808269658904_6566210232752176844_n.mp4 88768863_352976673053765_271535708353057491_n.mp4 193815016_528953798370760_5650213825154955807_n.mp4
  2. Sorry, I didn't see you posted it already I deleted mine to avoid double posts
  3. Yep, there's also a silly part as well, among others
  4. Tweety in yellow and the coolest porn star in the world in white
  5. Manuelito IG story: 184451556_179657940876603_7029164109618176025_n.mp4 193814320_128463676036993_8964821600300793444_n.mp4
  6. Mika IG story: 102049094_984116155677388_8842322236752833418_n.mp4 102065754_344035480589846_6005101867045981318_n.mp4 98987205_2983989465206240_1072332000255778851_n.mp4
  7. Mika IG story 102049094_984116155677388_8842322236752833418_n.mp4 102065754_344035480589846_6005101867045981318_n.mp4 98987205_2983989465206240_1072332000255778851_n.mp4
  8. Mika IG story 98707352_534811347724856_8495855008124635723_n.mp4
  9. Mika : La lumière est complètement pourrie - the light it's completely rotten. But we don't care, because you are very happy, and I am very happy for you, it's a super movie that received more than 5 minutes of standing ovations. Valerie: It was good, I had my 3 sisters and my family from Quebec, was only you missing. Mika: We are in Cannes, and we send you a big kiss to everyone from my part, Valerie's and Pif's part. Then he asked her to kiss him again, and he said that he accepts ( the kiss) and bravo for Aline.
  10. chopardbycaroline https://www.instagram.com/p/CRY5b1xBIZX/ 🎶 Love Today 🎶💖 @mikainstagram #thankyou #paradise @chopard @festivaldecannes
  11. Yes! And Asterix and Obelix, and L'invité with Daniel Auteuil (), and so many known movies... the French comedies are the best! But she looks so different now
  12. I've seen all of them, but the first one I liked the most, as well ( I like Jean Reno a lot). In Romania everyone knows these movies, they are on TV all the time. In fact the majority of the movies that are on TV are French, I grew up with them But I didn't see Valerie recently and didn't recognize her, I will try to watch Aline.
  13. Just saw her filmography and realized that I actually have seen her in a lot of movies, but she was younger She was in Les Visiteurs, Palais Royal and also Monte Carlo, where they used 3 Mika songs
  14. Yes, it seems her movie was presented on 13 July in Cannes, and they met only yesterday
  15. You're right, I guess it was about those actors, most likely
  16. Ah, ok, I only heard her saying that her family from Quebec was there in Cannes, never heard of her before
  17. I also saved it, but didn't post it because he deleted it ( I also deleted the picture)
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