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  1. I'm not sure about his father speaking Italian, here in the Tiny Love vid at 2:26 he said that his parents are in the audience and they don't understand a word in Italian so he will translate them later
  2. Awesome, be prepared for a special experience!
  3. You're right, just saw it. I hope for this Friday
  4. That makes sense indeed! I wonder if there will be a "clean" version of the song for promo and the word "sh*t" will be replaced with something else
  5. Hi, Martyna! Welcome to MFC, enjoy the place The Brussels gig will be your first one?
  6. Yes, probably this was supposed to be the meaning, thank you!
  7. What does this mean? I mean, I understand the words, but what means "the official single for the release of the album"? That means that Ice Cream, Tiny Love, SanRemo and Dear Jealousy are not official? If it's the official one, shouldn't have been the first one released on the first place? Or maybe "official" has a different sense in this case?
  8. @mellody @Poisonyoulove Thank you! I hear "T-shirt off", but I'm not sure
  9. Hi, @missteeta! Welcome to MFC He started his US tour two days ago, do you know that?
  10. Yes, his voice in Dear Jealousy sounds like that, and the structure of Tiny Love it's an attempt to follow the same recipe of Bohemian Rhapsody, obviously. Maybe this time it was harder for him to find inspiration for new songs, and that's why it took so long... we'll get the whole picture when the album will be out, I'm sure there will be some nice surprises for everyone, we know he has the potential
  11. True, but this time I find that he got much more influence for some songs from other singers... It's interesting, indeed, because when I've heard his songs for the first time, I was amazed by how authentic and unique they sounded to me, like no one else. I'm happy too for the new songs, I'm sure there will be some brilliant ones and people will find their favorites soon, not much to wait now I know I am extremely happy for Tomorrow, that song only reminds me of Mika, 100% Mika I rather find that Ice Cream and Tiny Love doesn't fit to the same album... after all SOAO it's about love as well, with a classical touch, and this is about Michael Holbrook, I hope you're right and we will get it on the deluxe version
  12. Me too! And waiting for the lyrics as well
  13. I know, it's always a big dilemma : to start recording, or just live the moment and forget about everything else. That's why we appreciate every picture, video, and every report, it means a lot! 😘
  14. Just listened to the full song thanks to @kreacher and I love it! My favorite one at this moment
  15. Thank you so much for taking time to record it! It is absolutely amazing, I love it!
  16. "Forthcoming" means "upcoming", nothing to do with 4th
  17. This one sounds so good! I hope we will get a video of the entire song.
  18. Yes, that too, you're right! The Sound Of An Orchestra it's my fav till now, it sounds like genuine Mika, not like other singers... and it won't be on the album
  19. It reminds me of a Michael Jackson song.
  20. Hi, Hannah! Welcome to MFC, enjoy the forum This is the right place to practice and develop your foreign languages skills for sure!
  21. This is very funny, and Mika's voice is clearly the dominant one from all three
  22. Hi, Ilsa! Welcome to MFC, enjoy the place and Mika's world I have a feeling that you'll find a ticket for the Utrecht gig, stay around and check the thread that Silver mentioned