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  1. Hi, Prisca! Welcome to MFC, enjoy the place!
  2. Hi, Tomas! Welcome to MFC, enjoy the place!
  3. Yes, they cut parts from different days to make one episode so they want that the audience won't notice it. It's the same for The Voice, except the lives.
  4. We can find these everywhere here in the supermarkets, it's the most popular brand of tissues. I've seen them also in many countries and the cheapest ones were in Switzerland I have these ones but had no idea they are limited edition
  5. It reminds me of the Kukulakuku design somehow...
  6. Ah, sorry! I don't know, I found it on twitter earlier in the morning
  7. This is from the Octogonal courtyard in Vatican:
  8. Maybe they will sell this ones in more countries, I don't know if they are made exclusively for Italy... we'll see
  9. Tempo tissues box limited edition by Mika :
  10. This one could be perfect for going to a Mika gig while keeping the social distancing... plus you never know when you wanna sit
  11. This might be a very appropriate outfit for going to a Mika gig while keeping the social distancing... plus you never know when you wanna sit
  12. Viktor&Rolf Haute Couture, Autumn/Winter 2020: three wardrobes for three mindsets in extraordinary times of change. Viktor&Rolf subvert the traditional catwalk by showcasing this collection in a special haute couture presentation. The film is directed by Marijke Aerden, narrated by MIKA and shot on location in the Waldorf Astoria in Amsterdam. The 'Change' animation is realised by Studio Maan Bijster. Concept and text by Viktor&Rolf.
  13. In that case Mika is totally safe!
  14. No social distance, no masks...
  15. krysady


    Hi, Fenny! Welcome to MFC, enjoy the place!
  16. Probably they will start the auditions without audience, only the judges and the candidates, or even use the online system if it's possible. As for the second wave, I read more and more opinions saying that there's quite little chances to happen, but of course no one can be absolutely sure... we still must be careful and keep the rules for our safety.