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  1. Why to give a small gift to Max? He is one of the band's members, I don't see the point. Now if we go this way, we should give a gift to the concertmaster as well, he plays the most important role in an orchestra after the conductor. Nothing can be done without the first violin I don't think we can put on the same level Ida with Max. If there's some money left, maybe a small bouquet for Ida would be nice, but the most important is Mika, everything is happening because of him
  2. Honestly, I don't think it is the case to give flowers to Max, I am sure that his fanclub will take care of that
  3. I read that only the concert from 23th will be recorded and broadcast on France TV and the Philharmonie's website, and the chairs change is for 24th
  4. You did something wrong, if you click on the links from here, it will open the videos of The Voice episodes, we don't see any VK chat
  5. Yes, we try to understand why all the links we give you doesn't work for you
  6. It seems Myriam is living in a place where none of the links works
  7. We gave her the VK links, she said she can't watch it
  8. Yes, here: https://1fichier.com/?s2yq2org85ijy710fafr
  9. I got Navigo Decouverte Pass card when I went to Bercy concert in 2016, they said it is available for 10 years. These days I thought to check if I can use them next week again, and found out they disappeared since 2018 ( and I had to pay for photos as well) So I will prefer to get single tickets this time
  10. Try on the TF1 site with a VPN https://www.tf1.fr/tf1/direct
  11. Yes, you are right, she is amazing and I know people love her, from what I read on Twitter.
  12. I hope MB14 will win next week ( sorry, Mika )
  13. Me neither, I thought of Antoine or G'jons Tears
  14. Yes, neither Zazie, it is weird this time with those new rules.
  15. And now the audience can save another candidate, from what I understand
  16. Yes, he was really good tonight, and the others two have a more limited range of their voices comparing to him.
  17. No, I can't believe it, Manon had such a boring song and she was not the best, imo... Demi Mondaine and Anthony were much better Mika looked so disappointed!
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