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  1. Hi Hippie. I haven't seen you at MFC lately. I hope you are ok and just busy in RL. Love, Annemieke

    1. Hippieibbie


      I am fine thanks! I'm just busy in rl! :aah:

      How are you doing?

    2. DutchAnnie


      It's good to hear you're ok. I just graduated from university so I'm not so busy in RL at the moment. I have time to be at MFC again. :teehee:

  2. Hi Anne :bye:


    I just saw the link you posted in the oldings. They are very cute together and it is nice to see they like each other. :wub2:

  3. Hi Giorgia :bye:. Thanks for your friendship request. :huglove:

  4. Thank you Slver.


    I was reading back on my wall and I just can't believe we're having this conversation again. :sad:

  5. Thanks Anne. :hug:


    Yes, I'm back but probably not on a daily base. Now that I start to feel better, I have to catch up with so many things in RL that I haven't been able to do when I was feeling so sick and tired. But I'll try to be here as many times as possible. :thumb_yello:


    I'm happy to be back with my friends. :wub2:

  6. I like her too ... already since the auditions. :wub2:


    I have to go now. See you later. :bye:

  7. :thumb_yello:


    I'm a little behind with The Voice ... I saw the first 'epreuve ultime' this week, but I really like the show. It's so great we can download it and watch it later. :wub2:

  8. Hi Anne :bye: How are you?


    I don't know how long I will be connected ... I need to clean the house ... we're getting visitors tomorrow but my house is a mess. :teehee:


    Thanks for the hugs. :hug:

  9. Yes, I have been tested for lack of vitamins , including lack of vitamin D, but thanks anyway. :hug:

  10. Thanks Anne ... I can use them right now. :blush-anim-cl:

  11. Not so good ... I'm very tired and my lung still hurts from the biking test. :sad:


    But thanks for asking ... that's very sweet of you. :hug:

  12. Awww ... thank you. :hug:

  13. I'm okayish, thanks ... just tired. And I didn't like my holiday very much. :sad:

  14. :bye: Hi Anne, how are you?
  15. Plaatjes bij je berichten kun je uploaden door te klikken op het gele vakje waarin enkele bergen en een zonnetje staat (insert image): http://imageshack.com/a/img546/3098/j2cg.jpg. Je kunt plaatjes echter niet rechtstreeks vanaf je computer uploaden maar je moet ze eerst op een fotosite zoals photobucket of imageshack plaatsen. Wel kun je foto's rechtstreeks van internet plaatsen door te url in te vullen. :wink2:

  16. Hi Manon. :bye: Bedankt voor je vriendschapsverzoek. :hug:

  17. Hi Flyer ... welcome at MFC. :bye: I saw that you wanted to know how to open an introduction thread for yourself. You can click this link: http://www.mikafanclub.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=3 and then click "new thread" in the left upper corner. :wink2:

  18. I can't go to the page either. :teehee: I think you'd better ask a mod to delete it. :wink2:

  19. Maybe it's better if you delete your post then. :teehee:

  20. Hi Dreamy :bye: I don't know what you posted in the smilie suggestion thread ... but it is detected by google chrome as malware at my laptop. I don't know if others have problems as well, but I just wanted to warn you. :wink2:

  21. Thank you. :hug:


    I'm wishing you a happy new year too ... with a lot of Mika gigs. And hopefully we will finally meet each other this year. :crossed:

  22. Hi Nicole :bye:. Thank you for your friendship request ... and welcome at MFC. :huglove: