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  1. That sounds good to me. I'm still around ... just busy in RL.
  2. MIKA ‏@mikasounds 6 uur6 uur geleden Happy happy happy new year. After such an amazing night (yes, still haven't slept) I feel so lucky. Thank you all X x MIKA ‏@mikasounds 6 u6 uur geleden Taking off now from Florence for first flight towards the US. Walked around all night with school friends in Florence after the opera house MIKA ‏@mikasounds 6 u6 uur geleden Felt like a teenager after a symphonic concert that was so intense. MIKA ‏@mikasounds 6 u6 uur geleden The sun is rising as we head towards take off. X 6 uur geleden
  3. And we couldn't cope either.
  4. You know … since I wear this sweater I feel so strange. From the moment I put my sweater on, my head started to itch. And my hands are itchy too … I just can’t stop scratching them. And when I take my sweater off I have bumps of this size all over my body. I wonder what’s wrong with me. Maybe I’d better call the doc. Can you believe my doc? He told me I have to stop wearing my sweater because I’m allergic to it. He’s insane. I’d better call Momma instead. I’m sure she knows what’s wrong with me. Momma told me the same thing. Well … she’s always right so I’d better take my sweater off then. She was right! This is SO much better!
  5. Man: I'm jealous ... why don’t I have a sweater like that? Woman: I want to rip that sweater of his body.
  6. Hi I’m Mika. I’m standing next to my friends in my brand new sweater. Momma made it for me. Can you believe it … she had to use this much wool because I’m so tall. It’s my most favourite sweater ever. I will never take it off again. What do you mean ‘you don’t like my sweater’? Oh … you DO like my sweater … and you want one too. Wait … I’m gonna call Momma right away. Maybe she wants to make another sweater for you. I called Momma but she can’t make another sweater for you. She only has this much wool left. She’s going to use it to knit a pair of socks for me that fit with my sweater. I’m so happy. She’s the best mom ever.
  7. But I can't play with my toys ... I need to finish that book. So I go out again for more coffee ... Huh? ... What? ... Yeah ... Coffee ... What's wrong with coffee? Coffee is good ... especially when it's very cold ... Or ice cream ... ice cream is good too ...I looove ice cream ... even when it's cold ... ... and lollypops ... I love lollypops ... ... and chocolate ... Oh what the heck ... I just love all candy ... Book Mika ... book ... book ... book!!! NOOO ... you know what with the book ... I don't want to write the book anymore ... This is what I do with the book !!!
  8. ... but then I tell myself ... get your lazy a** of that couch Mika. So then I go out to buy myself some coffee ... Or I make myself a cup of tea ... And when I get hungry I'll have a sandwich too ... Or momma makes me soup. But I have this weird thing you know ... everytime momma makes soup I just need to play with my duckies ... And then I remember all the toys in my bedroom and I just need to play with them too ...
  9. Well Charlotte ... that's so nice of you to ask me. I will tell you how it's going. It's going quite well actually. I'm writing as much as I can ... Most of the time I write in my study... Or when I'm trying to play the piano I find myself writing the book instead ... Even in the street ... when I get inspiration I just grab someone's t-shirt and start to write on it ... I'm writing so much that Mel starts to think I'm boring ... The only place where I cannot write is when I'm lying on the couch. When I try to write there I always find myself daydreaming about my bf instead. But hé ... can you blame me ... he is so cute ... who wouldn't dream about him ...
  10. That's weird. I just googled Mika and got this. Is his site really hacked? Did anyone else get the same message too?
  11. Hi Jaela, I'm one of them and I'll be your friend. Unfortunately that thread is not very active. I completely overlooked this thread, but I've added my location now.
  12. I bought the watch today. Well ... ok ... my boyfriend bought the watch today but he will not give it to me until it's my birthday ... so I have to wait until the 10th of June before I can wear it.
  13. A guitar? I don't associate Mika with a guitar. If it would have a been a piano I could understand. But still ... restoration of the Amazon Forest is a good goal ... I hope they raise a lot of money.
  14. For our Dutch fans, I asked Swatch NL where the watch would be available and this is what they answered me (in Dutch): "Bedankt voor uw email en uw interesse in Swatch. Deze Swatch Art Special is vanaf aanstaande donderdag 26 mei verkrijgbaar o.a. in onze Swatch Online Store. De MIKA special wordt vanaf a.s. donderdag ook verkocht in onze Swatch Stores in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht en Swatch Corners in de Bijenkorf in Eindhoven, Den Haag, Rotterdam en Amsterdam. Via de store locator treft u tevens een actueel overzicht met alle Swatch dealers in Nederland. U kunt ook een juwelier bij u in de buurt bezoeken. Mocht deze het horloge niet voorradig hebben dan kan het besteld worden. Tot slot wil ik u graag nog even meegeven dat indien u het horloge online besteld en dit niet aan uw wens voldoet, het horloge geretourneerd mag worden en u het aankoopbedrag teruggestort krijgt."
  15. Hallo Robin ... welkom bij MFC. Mijn naam is Annemieke en ik ben de world rep voor Nederland. Voor antwoord op eventuele vragen kun je terecht in de Help sectie: http://www.mikafanclub.com/index.php?app=core&module=help. Kun je daar het antwoord niet vinden dan kun je altijd bij mij terecht. Ook kun je hier kijken voor meer info: http://www.mikafanclub.com/topic/25840-new-members-please-read-mfc-world-reps/?p=3856857 Ik hoop dat je een leuke tijd gaat beleven op het forum.
  16. Hi, my name is Annemieke (but you can also call me Annie) and I'm from the Netherlands.
  17. I'm totally off topic now ... but do you remember this car made by Studio Job: Job Smeets was in a Dutch tv show a few years (?) ago (I don't remember which show) and he told the host that Mika had told him he wanted to use this car in his shows. I guess the car made place for a caravan.