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  1. Hola, yo era la representante pero ya no; esto a causa de la universidad, ya que no puedo estar online como estaba antes. La verdad hace mucho no me meto a MFC por lo que no sabría responderte, aunque no recuerdo haber visto a nadie.

  2. That's really cool, hope it goes ok :original:

    I have exams all this week D: but like in a month or so i'll be free from high school forevrr xD next year ill go to the university :) i will be able to spend time ere like i did on vacations.

    At least we have the new cd to enjoy while we study :naughty:

  3. fine :) i've been too busy with school, but i'm almost over :yay: what about u? what do u think of the album? :teehee:

  4. ni siquiera se porque hablé en inglés :aah: yo tampoco he podido meterme mucho, he estado ocupada con mis estudios también, estoy en mi último año del colegio así que en mi tiempo libre solo quiero dormir jaja. que estas estudiando? que te pareció el cd de mika? :teehee:

  5. Hello! How are u? I miss talking to u! :huglove:

  6. Jaya? i miss talking to u girl! :| :huglove: how are u?

  7. hello! How are u? i miss u, its been a long time :/ :huglove:

  8. hello sweet mika friends. the thing is this guy i love: kill the noise, is probably coming to costa rica. we have to like this picture on facebook https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=399144946805214&set=a.359823460737363.87300.359809667405409&type=1&theater&notif_t=photo_reply that's it, if he has enough likes he'll come. this is huge for me, its like the only chance i got to see him in Costa Rica. if u could like it i would appreciate it so much. he's the guy i love after mika xD
  10. THANK U! :huglove: Yeah, I can't use mfc so much now, i always have things to do. But it's my last year of school, so hooray for that :aah:

    It was fine, just hanging out with my friends and family :original: what about you?

  11. Dont worry :) Thank you so much :das: best gift ever :aah:

  12. I wonder if he will marry someday and have babies Or just a boyfriend, but whatever i'm so happy for him. cute pie.
  13. graciassss! :huglove::huglove:

  14. aaah! sofi feliz cumpleaños para usted también! :huglove: mmmhmmm :naughty: mgg :das:

  15. heya! :) how are u? whats up?

  16. Happy birthday Nas! Love youuuuuuuu

  17. Happy Birthday! I hope u have a great day!

  18. did u get mine? :aah:

  19. WHAT?! didn't I tell u? so sorry :S I did get it! I love it, it's awesome and in a special place in my wall haha/emoticons/default_sneaky2121.gif" alt=":sneaky2:" />

  20. I would love to. Where did u post it? :original:

  21. aw angi! just saw ur siggie! wow im so happy for u! :wub2: how are u? :)

  22. Jaya :huglove: how are u? I miss talking to u girl :mikacool:

  23. haha don't worry Nas :aah:

    I'm fine, preparing for the exams this week. I'll be on vacations next week. What about you? :3

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