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  1. Woaaaaaah I haven't posted on MFC for a roughly 369152 years. It's very weird coming back. I don't know what to do here. I still remember the smiley codes though.
  2. THANKS KITTY-KATTIUS! :boing::huglove:

    Looking back over our conversation.... :lmfao:

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAYA!!! :partytime2::huglove::hug::mf_boff::das:

  4. I'm on OCR - dayum, I wondered if we could on be the same one
  5. Hess' Law! Enthalpy profiles! We're all on the same topics Ellenowl, what exam board are you on for chemistry?
  6. Heard about the leaking of the DVD in America? (or something) I know people have been giving out spoilers eeeeks EEKS.