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    Hi, my name is Maria (:
  1. Hey guys, this is so totally random and off topic but I would love to go to a Simple Plan concert but I have no money, could you please help me liking my comment on this website: http://www.sonidoteen.com/concurso/gana-entradas-para-simple-plan-en-chile/?fb_comment_id=fbc_435931993124568_4636083_440204692697298#f243758bfc My comment is the first one my name is "Maria Paz Jorquera" Thanks guys! Pleas tell me if i'm braking any rul by speaking about another artist and I will erase it right away :3 Love ya
  2. ajajaj siii yo tmbn me pregunte lo mismo xDDD es como la costumbre! jaja estoy estudiando ingeniería comercial :) ! ME ENCANTO EL NUEVO CD :D las canciones son tan magicas quiero el CD ahora :D jajaja

  3. ni siquiera se porque hablé en inglés :aah: yo tampoco he podido meterme mucho, he estado ocupada con mis estudios también, estoy en mi último año del colegio así que en mi tiempo libre solo quiero dormir jaja. que estas estudiando? que te pareció el cd de mika? :teehee:

  4. I though he ment like make someone's eyes shinny like when someone is in love cause stardust must be shiny like fairy dust like you guys were saying
  5. Tanto tiempoooo Miss you too! :3 I'm back! I guess I'll try to visit the forum more often i've been very busy and i blame it on the university U_U Como estas!

  6. I love this song! I can't wait to listen to the full version! I'm getting through a situation were this song comes perfectly :3
  7. hello! How are u? i miss u, its been a long time :/ :huglove:

  8. That's fine! Hope you are ok. :hug:

  9. I'm so sorry, I had a problem I'll explain you via inbox :(

  10. Hi :bye:

    Just wondering if you are still participating in Mika Mail? Don't worry if you are too busy :huglove:

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