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  1. i still need Mika tissues! Anyone know where i can buy them that'll ship to the USA?

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    2. kreacher


      hmm that's disappointing :( Silver offered to send me one of each of the little packs so if nothing else i'll have them for my collection, but i was hoping to get enough to carry around and use

    3. mellody


      We'll probably have some as giveaways in January as well - but of course also not huge packs.

      I think you might get 1 or 2 packs of 24 Tempo for the shipping price, or maybe in France the shipping is cheaper, dunno... but if you're ready to pay so much for the shipping, of course fans who live in these areas could also buy a few packs. I got several from an Italian fan because I also wanted to use them... but so far I haven't, they're too pretty. :teehee:

    4. kreacher



       I also wanted to use them... but so far I haven't, they're too pretty

      exactly! that's why i need 10 of each design :teehee:

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