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  1. Mika in green is my favorite this suit is so delicious
  2. I love this idea! All the posters are lovely, can't really pick a favorite (except Mika & Yasmine's obviously!). I hope it's done in more cities around the world, even if Mika isn't directly involved. Now I'm imagining my own city with colorful art posters all around to brighten up it's current gray & dirty winter's end messiness.
  3. Welcome to the club @TeeMarie! Your post made me grin under my facemask because i remember those feelings of being a new Mikafan so clearly
  4. yup, i already added this info, but it's good to have it in more detail here. Thank you!
  5. I like Gregory too! I was hoping Mika would incorporate him into some of his concerts or projects, but it seems unlikely after all this time. Wishful thinking... I’d like a funny Mika show where he goes on wacky adventures around the world (like a safari or cooking or white water rafting or getting lost in a city or a comic convention or a huge library or a carnival or a farm) with Gregory and/or Andy and/or special guests, but with a few touching moments and random musical numbers and an important lesson learned at the end. Preferably Mika would be the one driving cuz that’s always adorable. Special guest ideas... Paul de Leeuw, Ian McKellen, Alan Cumming, a fabulous drag queen, James Corden, a Penniman sibling or two, Melachi and Amira, Max Taylor, Amanda Palmer, a young panda bear, Adele, and anyone else who loves to laugh or can match his energy and enthusiasm. so.... kinda of like SCM on the road xD
  6. this is perfect, thank you!!! oho really? this sounds great! do you remember what episode it was, or the season at least?
  7. Thanks for all your input everyone, i like the 2nd one more but i was leaning toward option 1 for readability!
  8. On the third episode of Stasera Casa Mika 2016 Mika and Elio talked a bit and he dared Mika to sing The Queen Of The Night aria from The Magic Flute by Mozart and Mika did. Does anyone have just the video of that part? I have the episode saved but i just need that one part and i don't know how to trim it down. Thanks! i think it's amazing and want it to replay many times
  9. Seems like all the scans from this article have gone missing. Here's what i have saved to pinterest; hopefully it's all the pages.
  10. Mika in a monkey head mask thing, 2007
  11. lol i definitely watched this season of BB. I could've been a fan of Mika like 3 years earlier :facepalm: i'm so annoyed to find this out! Damn it Dustin why didn't you push Mika more?!


    1. Starlight


      It doesn't matter, it's important that you found him :yes:

  12. Well, i picked a bad time to decide my list of Mika's past tour dates needs a photo from every gig. I can find old threads with google search, but when i open the thread they say "This topic's posts are not available currently. Please try again in a few minutes." For example: thanks for trying, but i think it's actually okay. i've come to terms with the changes and found ways to get around not having BB code.
  13. ages ago Mika said Tiny was in Miami, but who knows where Tiny is now
  14. i was just thinking about that kitty just the other day. It must be so big by now! Also, i wonder what happened to Tiny.
  15. thanks for all the pics everyone! Mika's worn masks much more often than i remembered! this isn't a mask, but i keep scrolling past it on my pinterest board and thinking it is... maybe now that i've posted it my brain will stop
  16. ah yes, i see that now. my bad! i think i really thought i was posting in that thread
  17. does anyone else see this message at the top of the screen, above the MFC logo? [[Template core/front/global/favico is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] Tonight is the first i've ever seen something like it. i'm using the default mfc 2020 theme, and i see the message when i'm looking at threads and when i was in my profile
  18. i still need Mika tissues! Anyone know where i can buy them that'll ship to the USA?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. kreacher


      hmm that's disappointing :( Silver offered to send me one of each of the little packs so if nothing else i'll have them for my collection, but i was hoping to get enough to carry around and use

    3. mellody


      We'll probably have some as giveaways in January as well - but of course also not huge packs.

      I think you might get 1 or 2 packs of 24 Tempo for the shipping price, or maybe in France the shipping is cheaper, dunno... but if you're ready to pay so much for the shipping, of course fans who live in these areas could also buy a few packs. I got several from an Italian fan because I also wanted to use them... but so far I haven't, they're too pretty. :teehee:

    4. kreacher



       I also wanted to use them... but so far I haven't, they're too pretty

      exactly! that's why i need 10 of each design :teehee:

  19. This pic was my wallpaper for months it's just so gorgeous That's Mika under there.... the wrist hair gives it away
  20. totally they count! i've edited the first post to include our loose definitions of "mask" i don't recall seeing that last mask before. Maybe i did but don't remember since he's pretty covered up and i used to not care about Mika pics if i couldn't see his face or body in them
  21. Found a few! Taken at Leeds Cockpit in Feb 2007
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