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  1. I love this idea! All the posters are lovely, can't really pick a favorite (except Mika & Yasmine's obviously!). I hope it's done in more cities around the world, even if Mika isn't directly involved.


    Now I'm imagining my own city with colorful art posters all around to brighten up it's current gray & dirty winter's end messiness. 

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  2. On 2/19/2021 at 4:07 PM, Kumazzz said:

    I don't know where I should post this article...




    MUSIC THEATRE War Child Peterborough


    Tuesday 22 April 1997 23:02



    This latest project of the remarkable National Youth Music Theatre was commissioned as part of the Year of Opera and Music Theatre for performance in four cathedrals in the East of England. Peterborough's wide Romanesque spaces provided an awesome setting for the premiere of a piece involving over 100 young performers; and also a challenge - that of making any kind of music theatre work in such circumstances.

    Starting originally from Brecht's The Children's Crusade, Wendy Cook, Jeremy James Taylor and composer Richard Taylor have devised a meditation on the experiences of children in wartime that aims to be "universal and ageless". Fragments from letters, poems and diaries are combined with the mythical tale of a city and its destruction; echoes of the terror of the wartime ghettos are answered with affirmation and hope in the words of the Psalms. Taylor's mostly lyrical music, reminiscent of the diatonic purities of such figures as Finzi or Aaron Copland, sounded wonderful in the cathedral acoustic, and the piece would have worked perfectly as an oratorio without the distracting need to perceive and understand what was happening on stage. Medieval churches were not designed with sightlines in mind (Britten took this into account, using a raked stage in his Church Parables), and admirable though the diction was, if the audience had not had copies of the libretto, the words would have been very difficult to follow.


    When gestures, both theatrical and musical, were strong and simple - like the emergence of the children from swirling mists at the start, or the superb unaccompanied treble solo at the beginning of Part 3 - the effect was powerful. Attempts at more complex movement and intricate, layered music tended simply to be lost in the vastness of the space. Perhaps a clue lies in the composer's confessed "abandoning of any linear story or plot". Surely, in such circumstances, the one thing that is needed is a clear, simple story line?

    In its absence, the piece tended to break down into its component parts; touching or striking as many of these were, somehow they didn't seem to add up to the intended greater musico-theatrical sum. That said, the NYMT's young performers were as ever impressive in their total commitment and professionalism; the singing was remarkable, with great use made of different vocal textures - solemn chorales and the warm sound of a trio of young baritones contrasted admirably with some excellent solo performances by the treble (Mica Penniman) in the Psalm setting, the "letter soloist" (Jean Barton) in the heart-rending message from a ghetto child to her mother, and an unexpected but outstanding young counter-tenor (Richard Scott) as Witness 2.


    The orchestra was splendid, under the incisive direction of Jonathan Gill, and the massive amount of work that had obviously gone into the whole project was rewarded by an enthusiastic reception from a capacity audience - or should it be congregation?


    Further performances: Sat 26 April, 2.30/8pm Ely Cathedral (booking: 01223 357851); Sat 10 May, 3pm/8pm Chelmsford Cathedral (01245 606505); Sat 17 May, 3pm/7.30 St Edmundsbury Cathedral, Bury St Edmunds (01284 769505)



    Operas in English: A Dictionary

    https://books.google.co.jp/books?id=Y8bQAwAAQBAJ&pg=PA531&lpg=PA531&dq=National+Youth+Music+Theatre+"penniman"&source=bl&ots=ZldfVAjhYe&sig=ACfU3U0MCMlLKk7XQG84psY1Zt1-rfsI1A&hl=ja&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwj18sP5-vbuAhUXFogKHUTRBVQQ6AEwEXoECAUQAw#v=onepage&q=National Youth Music Theatre "penniman"&f=false


    Page 531




    @kreacher I hope this article helps your Mikapedia.



    yup, i already added this info, but it's good to have it in more detail here. Thank you!

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  3. I like Gregory too! I was hoping Mika would incorporate him into some of his concerts or projects, but it seems unlikely after all this time. 


    Wishful thinking... I’d like a funny Mika show where he goes on wacky adventures around the world (like a safari or cooking or white water rafting or getting lost in a city or a comic convention or a huge library or a carnival or a farm) with Gregory and/or Andy and/or special guests, but with a few touching moments and random musical numbers and an important lesson learned at the end. Preferably Mika would be the one driving cuz that’s always adorable. 

    Special guest ideas... Paul de Leeuw, Ian McKellen, Alan Cumming, a fabulous drag queen, James Corden, a Penniman sibling or two, Melachi and Amira, Max Taylor, Amanda Palmer, a young panda bear, Adele, and anyone else who loves to laugh or can match his energy and enthusiasm.


    so.... kinda of like SCM on the road xD

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  4. 23 hours ago, krysady said:

    If you want me to cut it or smth, just let me know: 


    this is perfect, thank you!!! :lustslow:


    23 hours ago, Anna Ko Kolkowska said:



    He did sing it again in The Voice. And Jenifer. One of the talents was a woman singing opera. And then Mika and Jen started to sing this part too:biggrin2:


    oho really? this sounds great! do you remember what episode it was, or the season at least?

  5. On the third episode of Stasera Casa Mika 2016 Mika and Elio talked a bit and he dared Mika to sing The Queen Of The Night aria from The Magic Flute by Mozart and Mika did. Does anyone have just the video of that part? I have the episode saved but i just need that one part  and i don't know how to trim it down. Thanks!

    i think it's amazing and want it to replay many times :mikalove:

  6. On 10/5/2020 at 1:57 PM, mellody said:

    FYI, since the last update, the forum software is automatically archiving all threads that haven't been active for 5 years or longer. That means they're still there but not available in the search function anymore. I read that some of you said the website was faster for them now, I think that might be the (or one) reason. However, there's some things we'd like to keep in the search function, especially interviews and gig report threads. So over time we're gonna unarchive those, which unfortunately has to be done manually for each thread, so that is rather a task for months (at least) than for days.

    Anyway if you can't find a certain old thread that you're looking for in the search function, you'll have to look through the forum pages, it's not gone. 


    Well, i picked a bad time to decide my list of Mika's past tour dates needs a photo from every gig. I can find old threads with google search, but when i open the thread they say "This topic's posts are not available currently. Please try again in a few minutes."

    For example:



    On 10/8/2020 at 2:29 PM, dcdeb said:



    Dee, I also assumed that you only edited the Mikapedia in places, not the whole thing each and every time.


    It seems to me that there must be something we can do to make things easier, not harder, for you. I'll look into it some more.




    thanks for trying, but i think it's actually okay. i've come to terms with the changes and found ways to get around not having BB code.

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  7. thanks for all the pics everyone! Mika's worn masks much more often than i remembered!



    this isn't a mask, but i keep scrolling past it on my pinterest board and thinking it is...


    maybe now that i've posted it my brain will stop

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  8. 5 hours ago, krysady said:

    Yes, I posted about that in the Software Updates yesterday, many fans got it... and now it's still on my screen.


    ah yes, i see that now. my bad! i think i really thought i was posting in that thread :doh:

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  9. does anyone else see this message at the top of the screen, above the MFC logo?


    [[Template core/front/global/favico is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]]


    Tonight is the first i've ever seen something like it.

    i'm using the default mfc 2020 theme, and i see the message when i'm looking at threads and when i was in my profile

  10. 13 hours ago, dcdeb said:



    This is from November 2007 -- holding a mask, does that count?





    From his Australia visit in 2009 when he was bit by mosquitoes -- does the eyepatch count?





    From October 2009 in New York.


    Think that might be all I have to contribute, you've gotten most of the mask photos I can recall!





    totally they count! i've edited the first post to include our loose definitions of "mask"


    i don't recall seeing that last mask before. Maybe i did but don't remember since he's pretty covered up and i used to not care about Mika pics if i couldn't see his face or body in them :teehee: 

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    On 10/10/2020 at 6:20 PM, krysady said:




    i'd totally forgotten about these photos! thanks for posting them


    18 hours ago, TinyLove_CJ said:

    I'm not the only one then who thought this was about the TV series! I much prefer pictures of Mika!


    I remember when The Masked Singer got a UK edition some people thought the Unicorn could have been Mika! 🦄



    :teehee: i knew what i was doing when i named the thread


    Thanks for that info! Makes sense it turned out to be Jake Shears since Mika used to get compared to Scissor Sisters quite often

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