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  1. i was today years old when i learned he sings "love that you need me" and not whatever i thought he sings. Why did i learn this today? Because in his BBC 2 [ Piano Room session ] he pretty obviously sings "Love that you're near me", which is also not what i thought he usually sings, so i looked it up.
  2. i think you're right! He's a "slave to the rhythm" of that sweet chainsaw motor I was just thinking today how this song is like a little bug that crawls into your brain and makes a nest there where it lives & dances around. And the times when you aren't thinking of the song it's just sleeping. I guess it makes sense if it's about addiction cause he made it addictive as f**k
  3. I figured by "I haven't written any songs about him on the album..." he meant he didn't consciously set about writing a song about Andy, like he didn't think "awww i'm gonna write a sweet song about my loverboy ❤️❤️ and how we hooked up again", but i don't think he could help some songs ending up about Andy anyway. So until he specifically says who Tomorrow is about, I'm gonna keep thinking its about Andy
  4. way way waaaaay down the page past all the pics of Cheryl's boobs & stuff there's another pic of Mika It's captioned "Trophy: Mike, who performed on the night, was given the Music Award" *face palm* They got it right here tho: "Music Award Mika, presented by Dan Gillespie-Sells"
  5. I wondered that too, but I didn’t wanna be the one to point it out. I zoomed in to see if there’s a bird flying by or something, but nope the sky is empty xD this billboard thing is a huge deal and I’m so so so so glad his record label is finally f**king promoting him, I just wish it said something on it about MNIMH being his new album & not a show or some wacko just introducing himself something. Seems like some people might be confused wtf this is advertising
  6. I like this idea because I like them all, just some more than others. I still play the songs on the C list, but if I’m pressed for time or something those are the ones I skip. A list: Tomorrow, Dear Jealousy, Sanremo, Paloma, Cry, Platform Ballerinas, Stay High, Tiny Love, Tiny Love Reprise B list: I Went To Hell Last Night, Ready to Call This Love C list: Ice Cream, Blue
  7. Hopefully this means he’s performing afterward at the postparty and he’ll do more songs than he would’ve during the show. Let’s cross our fingers the crowd is full of fans who’ll film & share videos ❤️
  8. i think he might be getting an award! https://attitude.co.uk/article/sam-smith-joan-collins-ava-max-christine-and-the-queens-mika-and-dr-ranj-lead-attitudes-awards-issue/21994/
  9. Ok thanks for explaining. With other new songs at least *some* people liked them right away, but it seems almost no one liked Cry right away.
  10. it's okay, i've done the same thing before too xD
  11. I'm not sure i've ever created a poll on MFC before. is there a way to do it without opening a whole new thread?
  12. To be fair, it's the choir's fault! I listened to the snippet again today and they're totally singing "Fly Paloma Fly Paloma" lol ............wait, a flying pig?! what's he trying to imply? That's sorta mean
  13. I kinda want to make a poll to see how many people didn't like this song at first but has had it grow on them. Seems like a lot! Calm down? Blue? This is the thread for Cry Thread for Blue is over here:
  14. Welcome to MFC I'm Dee, omg another fan from Nebraska! On accident how? I love hearing stories of how fans accidentally find him
  15. It too grew on me. I often find myself randomly singing it. I hope Mika talks about it more.
  16. Thanks for posting! I love when he sings a capella bits of songs spontaneously like this! Makes me wish we had a heart ears emoji but oh well, this one works too Oh Mika, did you already forget about "C’est Quoi Ce Bonheur"? the Je Chante lyrics too? EDIT: found one and it is accurate.
  17. Thank you! Acoustic Sanremo is gorgeous I dunno what Mika is saying but he sounds and looks utterly charming, can't wait to read the translation Also he's eating a little bit 😍 I dunno why, but my newest obsession is watching him eat
  18. Funny this article should come out today as just this morning i was listening to the song, thinking to myself "awww what a sweet love song, I wish Andy was singing it with Mika instead". Seeing Mika say this though...... meh, i still wanna hear him sing it with Andy, they can just use studio magic to make Andy sound better
  19. I think it's actually Alex Hardee https://www.paradigmagency.com/music/mika/
  20. I think it's "You can't see sparks with the light on". To me that makes more sense with the next line What'd Jack do to this author?! Doesn't seem like the proper place for them to express their obvious dislike of him I'm just glad they don't hate Mika that much!
  21. I thought this too, but that might be because I've been binging RuPaul's Drag Race lately. Everytime I hear the song I think how perfect it is for the show. BTW until a few days ago i was picturing these kind of shoes: Not quite the same thing xD
  22. She was on Stasera Casa Mika. On the first episode of Stasera Casa Mika (2017 season) she and Mika sang Lucio Dalla’s "Piazza Grande", she sang her own song "Ogni Istante" and talked with Mika, then she sang "Anninnia, Anninnia" with Eufonia di Gavoi (and Mika a little bit), which she had spent a week learning how to sing just for the show.
  23. this was my interpretation too. the part i don't understand is the rope with the boobs @ about 1:47 love the video tho ❤️ i wish it was longer. i need to know what happens next!
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