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  1. Hello I was born in Alabama, USA. I went to south korea and Japan when I was in the military. I love most music (except country, gospel, and rap). I love Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Dean Martin, Elvis Prestley, Jerry Lee Lewis, The Beatles, The white stripes, Coldplay, and now MIKA! (among others). Mika is one of the best artists I have heard in a while. I looked at his tour schedule to see if he was touring in America, but he isn't. I know that he frequents "the city of angels", but it is not "the city of angels" until he arrives. Okay I am being sappy! I just heard of you like yesterday, and I am glad that I did. Oh yeah... this is supposed to be about me... sorry. Anyway, more about me, I am 30 years old. I am working toward a bachelors degree in psychology. My ultimate goal is to earn my doctorate degree in psychology and spend my career doing research. The most famous person I have ever shared time and space with was George Bush ( ). The cutest famous person I have ever shared time and space with was Mario Lopez. Honestly, though, in my opinion Bush was an idiot and Lopez was a total egotists. I also attended Austin Community College in Austin, TX. My major there was drama. I have acted in a few plays and that was fun, but not really my "calling" in life. I would love to do some world travel some day. I have a few places in mind. Well, that is all I can really think to say about myself. I enjoy MIKA'S MUSIC very much, and I think it would be really something to meet him in real life, because he seems like a really sweet guy. Anyway, have a great day everyone! Much love to Mika!!!
  2. Mika, I have just discovered your music earlier today. I was watching youtube videos of my favorite drag queen Dame Edna, and you were on a show with her. I was immediately struck by how adorable you are! I thought, "Who is this cute guy?" So I started looking you up and found many great youtube videos of your music. I even saw one where you were dancing in your undies . I can't wait to discover more about your music. I think you are very hot! It is nearly 3am here now, and I am not sure what time I started listening to your music, but I can't stop listening! I love it! Awesome! Sincerely, AmericanMikaFan