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  1. My ''Sophie'' album on Flickr is updated :teehee:


    And she says hi btw :pinkbow:





  2. Awww... Thank you so much darling! :huglove: I love having you as a close friend too :wub2: And I see you've posted that message at 10:15 pm :naughty: I WONDER WHAT TIME THAT IS.


  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :huglove::partytime2::woot_jump::mf_boff:




    it's wonderful to have you as such a close friend :wub2: Here's to many more years! :arf2:

  4. No, I didn't. *heartbroken* :tears: BUT I WILL DO IT! :D

    YAAAY! Almost done! Congrats!

    OOOHHHH DAAAAAAAMMMNNN! :das: Sassy Eli, haha. This dance is in your honor babes, lol.




    I'm saving for stretching my conch

  5. me too!! :tears::huglove: the silly thing is ur schedule lets up just as mine kicks in :( my exams start on 4th june and the last is the 19th..though there's a whole week before that last one so it's looking like after the 11th i might see u around :das:


  6. Awww so you didn't draw MGG at all? I would've loved to see your version of him :tears: I'm good! Only like two weeks of classes left! :yay: Oh also I pimped my body again and got a second nipple piercing :das: Ahahahah


  7. Oh I'm glad you bumped this thread dear, I've missed this place too! And yes you're correct, NZ legalized gay marriage not too long ago!
  8. Indeed! :aah: And it's, I don't really mind, but ok. :teehee: When you need something of drawing tell me , I'll do it and send it. :aah: :aah: :aah:




    Well, tomorrow I'll start he 2nd block! D: Haha. I'm really happy about it! Almost close from what I really want! :D *swoon* They didn't ask for it at the end! But I was sad cuz' I wanted to draw MGG :tears: haha. How about you Eli bu? :teehee:





  9. Ahhahahah that picture! :lmao: I love how appropriate it is in so many different situations.

    You don't really have to help me :naughty: Thanks though! :huglove:

    How's your school been so far by the way? Did you finish the 10 drawings of your babe? :das:

  10. yeahhhhhh-that-would-be-great.jpg



    I don't really mind Ela, haha. :pinkbow: You're lucky that I'm freeeeeeeeee, hahahahaha! I can help you with a bit of it if you want. :) When's that for?






    MMMMGGGGGGGG :swoon:

  11. OH NOOOO I thought I replied to you! Sorry :aah:

    Sometimes a little hibernating is a good thing! I sure could do with some :naughty:

    If you wouldn't mind writing me a 10 page essay about how this course that I'm taking now helps me in my future profession... that'd be great :pinkbow::aah:

    Here, have some MGG :das:




  12. Well at the moment I've been sleeping like a bear, it can be say I'm hibernating, lol. :aah:

    Aw, I'm on my way to help you with your schoolwork! :teehee:

    What you need my lady?


    Hahahahaha :aah:

  13. I'm glad to hear you're good! :huglove: Any plans for your holidays? I wish I was on a few days off too :tears: I've been swamped with schoolwork lately and it doesn't show signs of stopping til the beginning of June or so...

  14. ELA ELA ELA ELA. :tears:


    I'm pretty good, enjoying my vacatioooooooons, hella yeaaah! :aah:


    How are you Eli? What's up? :huglove:

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