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  1. wont miss the presale! I am getting tickets!!! woohoo its gonna be a big gig :D cant wait
  2. A couples of fans waiting outside... someone knows if hes coming outside and if he is, where? thanks
  3. I’m going and can’t wait! It’s been a long time since i saw MIKA now. Last time was the OSM. A bit sad that my budget is really tight lately cause i wont be able to get merch but hey, the best is I can see MIKA! I was wondering if there’s anything planned? (fans gathering? gift/surprise for mika? or the most important; a meet n greet? 😍)
  4. It was awesome!!!! :3 luv u mika cant wait to see u again ... It was fun to see u guys
  5. OMG I cant believe its true!!! I received an email! Ive been choose!!! but i have no more ride to go :'( I cant miss that show!! does someone go at montreal tommorow and pass near Hawkesbury? Ill do everything to go!!! Im so sad not having the ride D':
  6. I would like sooooo much to go see mika but Im too late they sold out soo fast
  7. Omg im so happy!!!! I want to go see him!!! The only thing is that no one want to came with me, im broken, abd i dont have the ride to go ... Ill find a way .... Guys i have a question!! Im not sure to buy the first or second night ticket... Do we see all of us in a restaurant or something? Is yes which night??
  8. nice.. And hope so too cause I cant post mine too

  9. haha c'est possible que je tai vu sans le savoir et il est tres probable que tu mai vu (je ne suis pas dur à remarquer avec mes cheveux lol)

  10. I want to practice my voice, go to the voice in france, go in mika team, win, become one of mikas friend and then GOAL!! Yay lol
  11. Its sad that there is no dvd... I think its such a special gig they need to do a live dvd ... Well at least theyll do a CD
  12. I cant wait for the CD... Fir the moment I listen to my records over and over Edit: it would be fun if I can post it here but does someone can tell me how??
  13. I had the chance to listening to it at the osm but sadly its the song I remember the least ... A thing I know is that it was a good song
  14. Im so jealous of those u came for more than one night... I only came the first night so I didn't had the chance to meet you all at the restorant and I didn't had the chance to talk with MIKA :'( seriously it makes me so sad ... Next time he come near, I come at all his gigs!!! At least I had the chance to live the best night ever the feb 10 ??
  15. Someone is ready to sell me ticket but i dont have a ride D: ... Does someone passe near hawkesbury... If I need to pay ill do plsss
  16. Hummm, ill talk to u in PM is that ok??
  17. Is there still somewhere extra ticket for tonight at OSM .. Ill do anything to come a second time!!! please someone???
  18. Oh god yea thats true! Iy makes me think.. in the song EMD he says Tu auras bientot 30 ans (Soon I will have 30 years old) but at the OSM feb 10 he change the lyrics for Tu as deja 30 ans ( You are already 30 years old) ... well because you talk about Boy ans Man it makes me think of this.. a little fact that makes me smile at the show x)
  19. Oh ny is nearest that i thought... I live at hawkesbury about 2 hours from mtl

  20. I had the chance (bad girl as I am) torecord ut at the osm... I cant stop listening to it... The song is so good!!!!
  21. Not on FB cause now im at school and we dont have acces to that site but I checked on the extra tickets thread and I have sent a PM to the ones with extra tickets... The problem is even if I had a ticket I need a ride... Does some one has to pass by hawkesbury?
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