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  1. Hello! I have a spare ticket for NY on the 12th of September because I won’t be able to make it I will sell it for cheap if anyone is interested
  2. I'm going to the one on the 13th but have to convince my parents to let me go to this one! Fingers crossed ❤️
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    Hey guys! I was wondering if someone else here likes Hozier too This man is my #2 obsession (cause Mika will always be #1) and I've actually found some very interesting similarities between them both! Let me know if I'm not the only one and let's chat about them both ❤️ If you do like Hozier: 1. What's your favorite song from him? 2. Have you seen Hozier or Mika live? 3. Did you find any similarities between Mika and Hozier?
  4. See you there then! I'm definitely going ❤️ Had to add a pic from that day
  5. i dont get what 11:34/10:34 means, how much time left? And does anybody has a livestream please?
  6. I hope he comes to Latin America soon, its been a long time since he was here :/
  7. Omg he remembers me!! IM CRYING! Like out of nowhere HE SAID I WAS FUNNY i thought he didnt remembered my existence
  8. Omg i watched online and that was so amazing im crying like a baby hope theres a recording! It was for sure one of the bests
  9. OMFG JUST SAW THE VIDEO ON VH1 IN PERU IM DYING! first time he is noticed here in a long time! Next step radio
  10. Mika is perfect for me but i guess not for other people, i tend to like guys who look like Mika (tall, curls, brown eyes and hair, skinny) and im almost sure the tattoo is fake, hopefully
  11. Hola! Me meto en su threadt soy Adriana de Peru y no hay fans del mfc de peru asi que me adoptan por un rato? Jaja
  12. Omg totally agree! I seriously bursted out lauging when he shouted oh no f*ck me!! i hope he takes some spanish classes to remember tho. Btw is it just my computer or is live your life not synced? i mean the voice and video
  13. it works for me! at what time is Mika playing? theres a list of the performers and Mika isnt mentioned
  14. Omg that was so awesome, i cried! thank you so much Stephane! You rock
  15. omg! I love it! I wonder what wouldve happened if he released this song instead of celebrate! A waay better! Cant stop listening
  16. omg his last tweets are so funny! I didnt understood any tho hahaha and it seems like #hedoesntknowhowtousehashtagsproperly