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  1. I'm biased yes, but I have to say that we did a really good job hosting this year's Eurovision. Petra and Måns did an amazing job and I'm proud of the production and the interval acts. I think that they hald a really high class even if I guess that the "documentary" only were funny to us in Sweden. The thing I was disappointed in though was the they chose to present the jury and the televoters votes differently. I don't care what five music guys in France think about the songs. It's not interesting at all. The thing that was surprising was the fact that the jury groups were mostly just as biased as the televoters, which kind of takes a way the purpose of the jury groups. Anyway congrats to Ukraine
  2. So far I like France the most! But also greece, Australia, the Netherlands and Denmark Probably some other countries to that I've forgot.
  3. Justin Timberlake is preforming in the final http://www.eurovision.tv/page/news?id=justin_timberlake_makes_world_premiere_live_performance_in_the_eurovision_song_contest
  4. So this is the song to represent Sweden in Eurovision. I'm still mad. I don't like it at all. The song is okay but the performance is boring and he misses most of his cameras.
  5. The Swedish final isn't until next Saturday (12/3) but our four (!) semifinals have ended and almost all the finalist have been chosen. This is my favourite to win the final and represent Sweden in Eurovision https://youtu.be/8ngVbhihHS8 This year is a really good year though, so there are some really good songs in the final! http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLorbgCC1N0YvNiUQkIK-UNq-h8DwzpGFI And I'm sorry Urška but the Slovenian song is quite meh :/
  6. Hahah But it is sticky hence the name What's sticky in norweigan? Oh I wish there existed clubs in the swedish school as well. It seems so awesome, and the cake is a great bonus
  7. This is the most popular cake in Sweden. Never met anyone who deosn't like it It's a sticky choclate cake that's really easy and fast to make. I eat i all the time, but never get tired of it
  8. That's even cooler People have said that they think he do but I don't know. He never said anything to me Yes that would be awesome I'm so sorry for your lose
  9. That's so cool!!! And seems like so much fun, will it be shown on tv? I want to go and do that right now, I know there's a place like that ini Malmö, but no one wants to go with me :/ Or there is this guy, but I don't want to go with him because I dont want to be alone with him in a closed room
  10. Me too, love the pre chorus "with the voices". Love all the different parts - it's such an interesting song! Actually I don't think I've heard that song :blush_aim_cl: As it seems now I don't think I'll ever get it :/ Should have bought it from Mikasounds and not this s**tty swedish site...
  11. Hopefully it will arrive next week! *fingerscrossed* Thr album is on repeat on spotify. Love Rio, All she wants, good guys and promiseland
  12. It's the same here, been ignoring school for 4 weeks, devoting all my time to the iniation games for the freshmen. But now they are over so I guess I finally have to start caring about math again I agree, Mika is really relaxing just wishing I could get my npih cd anytime soon. Ordered it 2 weeks ago :/ You mean crisps without salt at all?!
  13. Not what I wanted to hear because now I have to buy the much more expansive deluxe version
  14. This is probably not the right thread. But is there any difference between the deluxe version of npih and the normal version, except for the extra songs?
  15. It's always hard to decide when it's Mika I only think tool is the best album because it has most of the songs I like the most, but I like all of them of course and how the style changes through the albums. None of them are the same therefore you always have something to listen to despite your mood.
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