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  1. Hey! I was just looking around MFC when I found the snapchat thread. I never knew Mika had a snapchat? I was curious as to what his user was so I could add him?

  2. Hello :) Thank you for the friend request! How are you?

  3. I basically live at the Border, I could drive for about 7 minutes and be in Canada :naughty:


    Anyway :biggrin2: I hope I can figure out how to get the videos on here...

  4. At the very top of New York, about 2 hours away from Montreal

  5. That concert was Definetly one of a kind. I only went last night because I somewhat live a bit away

  6. No I recorded some too, I have like 5 videos :lol3:

  7. I saw you too! :D Thank you :teehee: I intend to make a gig report and I happened to get some good pics!

  8. Yes I am aha! What seat are you! :teehee:

  9. See you tomorrow! :excite:

  10. Hello :) I'm Rachel. I like your name :pinkbow: How are you?

  11. Hello :hug: What's your name? :)

  12. I think you meant to spell dropping, but I'm not sure :aah:

  13. I think I remember talking about him to you cx

  14. Actually, do you have any pointers about the language? :pinkbow:

  15. Icelandic and French :das:

  16. Oooh! Nice :das: Well I've gotta go back to school In early September so thats coming up. Plus I'm trying to learn some languages so I'm doing fairly well :)

  17. Lol Thank you :das::naughty: How are you?

  18. Hello :bye: We haven't talked in a while :biggrin2:

  19. That's pretty cool. Cx How old is he?

  20. Lololol xD Does your brother like them?

  21. Thank you for offering! If I ever have a question I'll come to you! :biggrin2: And thank you again on my name! :hug:

  22. Ooooh :das: Was it good. Please tell me you wanted to see them and not your brother :aah:

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