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  1. I'm afraid I don't remember you I don't think we've talked before? However, I do remember your username! I suppose the same for me. Lots of school work and swimming!
  2. I guess you could say since 'TOOL' time And I do hope to meet all the new people here! I've had yet to meet someone from Norway on here Congrats, you are the first The only reason where I live is exciting is because Montréal is an hour away And how was seeing Mika!?
  3. Since Jan 2012. I used to talk on this thread so much, I just haven't had the time. Plus the old group of girls don't come on MFC that much anymore.
  4. Scotland you say? Have you ever met Emma? She used to hang around this thread a lot. She's from Scotland too. And thank you! Fiona is a gorgeous name
  5. Very cool I'm from New York, and not the exciting city part. I live in the very cold and boring part. So how long have you been on MFC?
  6. Hey! I was just looking around MFC when I found the snapchat thread. I never knew Mika had a snapchat? I was curious as to what his user was so I could add him?

  7. Hello :) Thank you for the friend request! How are you?

  8. Why thank you, and actually I do have a question, not about Banana Ice Cream though.. I recall you telling me a long while ago that you play the violin? Do you still play it?
  9. Another concert in Montreal Hurray! However, I'm unsure if I'll be able to go this time around due to pre-existing plans. I hope every one who can go has a good time!
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