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  1. I totally agree! Ariana and Mika make an amazing combination! :)

  2. Yes, and it's really good, I love it. Mika looks so sexy! The outfit and the argument is fantastic. The best video of him:wub2:

  3. Thank you! :huglove:

    Yes! Thats amazing, it seems you had a lot of fun! 500 fans!! that's huge! :) Have you seen the new vid for popular song?

  4. Good luck with exams and all stuff :huglove:



    I'm fine. I saw Mika one week ago in Barcelona. it was amazing. We took pics and spoke with him and his mom He will sing the song for a spanish beer ad (San Miguel). 500 fans took part in the ad. Have you see the thread? it was an unforgettable day :wub2:

  5. Hi, im fine, thank you and u? Sorry for the delay, I just had exams last week. And this week has been a completely mess with some work at school. :)

  6. Hi, how are you? :huglove:




  7. Don't worry, I know that feeling! I hate exams! :) Good luck with your exams!!! :)

  8. Helloooo!))) Sory for I haven't answered for so long - I'm having a lot of exams now))) VERY nice to meet you!))))

  9. I love The Walking Dead! Daryl is the best!
  10. Thank you for keeping me updated! :huglove: I love the new song it has to be in the new album!

  11. Performances in LA 2 days ago :wink2:






    and a new song, "Century Man":wink2:


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