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  1. quick translation: "Hi guys, I'm Sastran (that's my online name ) and this is my youtube channel, welcome. The dream of a youtube channel started about 4 years ago, when I was on 7th grade and I started watching different youtubers like Pewdiepie and Laeppavika(Finnish gamers). Soon the vloggers came along (there I named some Finnish vloggers). Then I started to think that vlogging would be so fun, but... I got shy. But surprise, here I am! I won't force myself to make videos every week, I'll make one when I feel like doing one. If you liked, click 'Like'-button, click 'Subscribe' on my channel and share with your friends. Thanks and see ya later!" there you go.
  2. well when sent that message it was like almost 1am.. now it's 12pm Hei short hair buddies no one here has seen my short hair except Rachel who has watched my vlog and probably Grace because of facebook but it's even shorter now so...
  3. I'll be Auruo (or Oluo, I don't even know what his name is anymore.... ) and then for these crack videos we're making I'll be editing them, scripting them and also voice acting some stuff
  4. shush now and go watch this vlog https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AlFy6WYNsPQ in Finnish and understand nothing. *cough*and that is not my vlog then...*cough* ahem
  5. Mitä vikaa suomessa on? Tämä on aivan helppoa. Tai no, odota vain jos puhuisin puhekieltä. And even I understood that. For once I have used my Swedish skills for something
  6. Allow me to lay down and cry, because high school is killing me slowly. I have so much stress and pressure and I just want to lay down and cry because I'm not going to manage three years in high school with these grades *rant over*
  7. Please ignore me when I go cry in the corner because of these freaking math homeworks jfc I'm gonna quit high school after six months.
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