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  1. I mean the people who disliked the video. A lot of people take "The song x sounds like song y" videos as hate videos.
  2. The singles are: Elle Me Dit: released 1 year ago. Apparently Emily is going to be a separate single as well, but that's just a rumour. Celebrate: we already knew this, released 3 months ago. Make You Happy: like Celebrate, we knew this was a single because it was released 3 months ago. However, this is only a promotional single and not an official single. Underwater: scheduled for release on November 11th. Lola: scheduled for release November 19th. What are your thoughts on the singles: Elle Me Dit, Celebrate, Underwater, Lola? My thoughts: unless a 5th will be added, and since Underwater and Lola are the only ones not yet released, I'd replace either of those 2 with "The Origin of Love". It's a shame, I think The Origin of Love is one of the strongest songs on the album and also one of the favourites of many people (a favourite alongside Underwater). It has a really strong chorus that you can envision a group belting out at a party of before a huge show.
  3. Please note: This is NOT an anti-MIKA or a hate thread, I'm a huge fan of MIKA. This is just something I've noticed and people have taken it the wrong way. Have any of you heard a few familiar sounds in MIKA's 'Emily'? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sei_HxkPnxY
  4. Hi, MFC users. I'm wondering if, somewhere on the internet or in your digital possession, there is a copy of the outer-space and sky and everything that's used during Happy Ending? In short, does anybody have or know where I can find a video or file of the sky/outer space that MIKA floats in - but without MIKA (or balloons, which were attached to MIKA during filming). If you're not sure what I mean, you can see green screens (black screen, they can be any colour) used in this video: 2:30 is where he's harnessed and they're filming some outerspace scene. Any help or information would be great!
  5. Exactly the same here. Grace Kelly was about NOT becoming what he's become. His new style is more-of-the-same from the modern pop industry, i.e. flavour of the month. He has just appealed to the people that can make him heavily mainstream... for 1 month, before he's pushed aside. I've only heard 2 songs, Celebrate and Make You Happy, and I'm sick of theme. Celebrate heavily uses a beat machine, too. This is pop, not rap or hip hop. Goddamn.
  6. Those are great! I didn't see that last thread, but there are some good posts there! (Some relate to stories I've never heard before, though. ) Anyway, here's another I just made:
  7. Hi, guys! I made this thread before, but it got lost in the server crash. "The only thing worse than a meme is a meme that only certain people understand." Taken from the Red Hot Chili Peppers forum (which I started posting in at page 13 HERE about halfway down), post memes that are about MIKA i.e. 'only we certain people will understand them'. I'll start with one. (Based of a meme called 'PTSD Clarinet Kid' and you can check around that site to see different types of memes, or post ones you already know of! )
  8. Thanks. Yes, I do. I'll recreate my original thread. I don't recall that being done before?
  9. Hi. My new 1st thread (I lost my data and account in the server crash). Post any links to articles, interviews, pictures, videos, etc, of Behind the Scenes of MIKAs music videos, his song writing, work in the studio, etc. Basically, any of his work-related affairs! I'll start with something a fair few of us may have seen, the making of 'Happy Ending'. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ipkPjJquKVg