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  1. I'm moving to British Columbia, Canada! And I'm suuuuuper excited because it's sooooooooooo far away and different <3 And yes really! Since December! And I like them pretty well, actually! I didn't really like TOOL as much, but these are more my style Who did you go see? Hello! Charlotte is such a pretty name! I'm Grace, it's really nice to meet you! Haha, oooh, hello there I creep on you guys all the time hehe Nice to meet you too! And thanks very much!
  2. HEY DARLIN' I'M DOING SO WEIRD RIGHT NOW YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW. I'm like, engaged and also moving to a different country, so there's that! I've listened to allllll the singles and stuff but not some of the other songs! I'll have to get right on that asap, I was just having a lil mika jam sesh earlier I missed you too, and everyone, for that matter. <3
  3. AHHHH. CLARA. I LOVE YOU TOO. Man, I see pictures of you & mary all the time on facebook and you guys look so adorable and it gives me life. Seriously. Also, I still maintain that that was the best poem I've ever read. I need to find it again!
  4. I bet it's storming somewhere. That'd be cool. I wish it were storming here. Okay! I'll definitely give it a shot. It couldn't hurt.
  5. Which songs didn't you like from LiCM and TBWKTM? Thanks! I feel a lot better about giving it a chance now. I almost feel like TOOL created a separation in mika fans, the ones who liked it and the ones who didn't That's exactly what I liked him for to begin with. His positivity was/is infectious. "Communism, god rest its soul." everyone should just be artists and live in shared safe spaces with multiple small dogs.
  6. I didn't really like most of the songs very much. They sound okay, but I thought there was something missing that was in the first two that I liked so much. I'm just trying to get a feeling for how similar you/others feel about it so I can stop freaking out and feel like I can listen to the album, already.
  7. Well, I was in a similar place.. maybe not the rude people, per se, but the same age and SOMETHING like a strange situation. It's really complicated. Did you like TOOL?
  8. Honestly, I'm scared to listen to it. My life is in a very different place right now than it was when I was really hooked on his first two albums, and listening to him really gives me an uncomfortable feeling now, like I'm in a past life or something. It's almost anxiety inducing.
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