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  1. OMG! You're from Estonia too. yayyy

  2. Is this just a random guy? Or Mika's boyfriend??
  3. Yay! Mika's back on twitter! But I can't understand what this tweet means.. Can anyone translate it?
  4. I've dreamed of Mika so much, but I don't like it because i get depressed when i wake up. So today I dreamed of Mika too, I met him, we hugged and i said something like 'Don't go, I am gonna miss you!' and he smiled and asked me 'I could stay here until 28th of January.' And then I woke up. Once I dreamed of Mika sitting in car and taking pictures of old people.
  5. I couldn't watch it, but my twitter friends kept me updated. Mika looks so cute, his curls are baaack!!
  6. Hello! I am also quite new in here, but I've been a huge fan of Mika since 2009. My twitter is @monapenniman , if anyone's intrested.
  7. I had amazing dream of mika and now i am depressed. I miss him so much!
  8. Poor Mika! I really, really worry about him and his voice. I hope he'll be alright. _ And I still don't know the final answer! :/ I don't even know are 2nd and 5th right. Can anybody help me? EDIT: YAY I got the final word!
  9. Oh, oh, oh. I can't waiiit. Underwater is my favourite song from TOOL and omg, this vid is going to be awesome.