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  1. Hey! I bought my ticket long time ago to this gig but now it's quite clear that i can't go there. So if anyone is interested, I have one fan zone ticket to give away. I don't want any money for this, i just want this ticket won't get wasted and someone could enjoy this concert as much as i would.
  2. This is definetly my favorite song of this album. Tho i have heard it only twice. When i heard it first time.. his voice and the lyrcis. It just made me so sad. So when i finished listening to the album first time, that was the song i wanted to hear again. Don't get me wrong, I love all the songs in the album but npih have this something....
  3. I had a dream today that Mika announced a gig in Estonia too. Actually i would be happy with Finland or Latvia or even Lithuania or Sweden. I'm afraid i can't travel much farther.
  4. I don't know if I'm too excited cuz the new album or what ever but i have seen Mika quite often these days. Yesterday i saw that i was in a gig. Somehow Mika choosed one person to come to the stage with him. And ofcourse it was me. I was standing on stage and thinking omg im here with Mika. Then i hugged him and said that omg you are the best! (i hope if someday i will meet him, then i think something more original to say ) Anyway Mika answered : no you are the best. And i said that you know, it's not nice to lie to ppl who you have just met.
  5. Happy Birthday! :yay: have a wonderful one :hug:

  6. Super excited! :excite::excite:
  7. I think french is such a beautiful language and I love all Mika french songs. Even tho I don't understand a word he sings. Love this song.
  8. Hmm. I can honestly say that there isn't songs that I dont like. I love every song. I've never had a favorite singer or a band until I discovered Mika. Before that, when somebody asked, who's your favorite, I usually said that I like some songs of that guy and some of that band but I don't have a favorite. Now i have and can say that I love all Mika songs. Usually I don't like songs when i first listen them. I have to listen couple of times, before I start to like them. With Mika, I like them right away. Like, Karen, I heard it first time few days ago, how can you not love it.
  9. Aah. Im on a little vacation and internet here is too bad. I can't watch this vid.. not before tuesday. I really like here bu now i wanna go back home and watch Mika.
  10. Anneli@Est

    Hi :)

    Hei Dani! Welcome to MFC! Hope you have lot's of fun here!