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  1. It's nice to be back! Thanks everybody! I picked the best time to come back tho, we're on a vacation, so not online often. That's the reason why i answer just now.😀 Hi Dee! It's nice to see you here! That was totally random, and because of that it was even more awesome. It brings me hope, that Mika is not totally forgotten here.😇 Hi! Yes, i have almosr 4yr boy whose favourite video is Last Party...Everytime we play it, he sits in front of tv and watches. I'd say that its not the most childish video that Mika has, but what do i know. And another day i was cleaning our room (we're visiting in-laws rightnow), so i put Mika's new album on youtube playing, and he came, took my phone and sat on the bed, watching the videos and listening. Younger child is not so big of a fan, but she's only 1.5. She has time to discover Mika. 😎
  2. It's good to be back! My last Mika concert was in 2013. Too long ago! When he announced new tour, i hoped he will come somewhere here too. Latvia, Finland. I don't even hope he'll be back to Estonia anytime soon, but he doesn't even come near here. I hope I will see him live someday again.
  3. Hellooo! Im back in Mikaland! Haven't been active here for years. That doesn't mean that i have forgotten Mika ofcourse. Just raising two new Mikafans is keeping me pretty occupied. But now with the new amazing album, i had to come back to MFC too. And i must say, i got the best christmas present too. On christmas eve one estonian channel showed Mika Sinfonia Pop concert. Like whaaaat. Mika isn't very pop in here, so when i discovered that in the tv.. it was a really nice surprise. And they show it again in new years eve. Quess what i'll be watching instead of fireworks. Anyhows, last time when i was active here, i was a middleling. Now im an oldling! Time flies!
  4. Hey! I bought my ticket long time ago to this gig but now it's quite clear that i can't go there. So if anyone is interested, I have one fan zone ticket to give away. I don't want any money for this, i just want this ticket won't get wasted and someone could enjoy this concert as much as i would.
  5. This is definetly my favorite song of this album. Tho i have heard it only twice. When i heard it first time.. his voice and the lyrcis. It just made me so sad. So when i finished listening to the album first time, that was the song i wanted to hear again. Don't get me wrong, I love all the songs in the album but npih have this something....
  6. I had a dream today that Mika announced a gig in Estonia too. Actually i would be happy with Finland or Latvia or even Lithuania or Sweden. I'm afraid i can't travel much farther.
  7. I don't know if I'm too excited cuz the new album or what ever but i have seen Mika quite often these days. Yesterday i saw that i was in a gig. Somehow Mika choosed one person to come to the stage with him. And ofcourse it was me. I was standing on stage and thinking omg im here with Mika. Then i hugged him and said that omg you are the best! (i hope if someday i will meet him, then i think something more original to say ) Anyway Mika answered : no you are the best. And i said that you know, it's not nice to lie to ppl who you have just met.
  8. Happy Birthday! :yay: have a wonderful one :hug:

  9. Super excited! :excite::excite:
  10. I think french is such a beautiful language and I love all Mika french songs. Even tho I don't understand a word he sings. Love this song.
  11. Hmm. I can honestly say that there isn't songs that I dont like. I love every song. I've never had a favorite singer or a band until I discovered Mika. Before that, when somebody asked, who's your favorite, I usually said that I like some songs of that guy and some of that band but I don't have a favorite. Now i have and can say that I love all Mika songs. Usually I don't like songs when i first listen them. I have to listen couple of times, before I start to like them. With Mika, I like them right away. Like, Karen, I heard it first time few days ago, how can you not love it.