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  1. Dusting out 4 years of cobwebs to sign up for this!!! đŸ€© The 15th was already sold out at 10:01 but I'll be there for the 2nd show 😀
  2. For those who really wanted to see the clips from Sucré Salé, here they are. I actually think the quality is not that bad considering I filmed the TV. Part1 http://youtu.be/jPhH8wpFnSU Part2 http://youtu.be/DhoLA56PD0A Part3 (missing the end, my dvr stopped a few seconds too early) https://youtu.be/fB66uF5ZAzQ
  3. Thanks for the videos!!! Reliving No Place In Heaven live again ... My dvr is ready for tonight!
  4. What a nice surprise it was to be able to attend to this small concert considering I couldn't go to the weekend concerts! He was supposed to do only 3 songs but ended up doing twice as many! He did (not in order): J'ai pas envie No place in heaven Boum Boum Boum Grace Kelly Talk about You Love Today Mika was really relaxed, no suit, and it was so much fun, but too short as always. He didn't stay afterward for signatures and such as I understand he was late for other interviews. A few pictures:
  5. Me too! What a nice surprise considering that I couldn't buy tickets for the weekend's shows!! It's hard to concentrate at work this afternoon I'm too excited!!
  6. I hope you all have a wonderful time this weekend, I'll be thinking of you! I didn't have the money to buy tickets this time but I'll see you next time!
  7. What an impressive and interesting interview! I have to go rewatch.... And an impressive work from the translating team!
  8. Thank you for the reports, pics and videos! I missed those!!
  9. I really don't have the money at this time for the travel costs + ticket since I currently don't have a job and am going back to school in september... I may buy a ticket later if I find work (if there are any tickets left at that point). We shall see...
  10. I'm so happy for everyone! It will be an exiting Fall!! Positive thoughts for UK dates
  11. I will be brief since I'm late to the party and everyone has already expressed beautifully how amazing this experience was. I am just in awe of Mika and all the emotions he was able to express through his performance. I'm especially grateful to have had the privilege to hear my two favorite Mika songs live for the first time: Any Other World and Heroes I never thought I would hear these songs live, ever... So that was the nicest surprise for me. When I met Mika two years ago at his last Montreal gig I actually gave him a card which finished with a non-serious special request for him to sing Heroes at the next Montreal gig ... So... I'm taking all the credit Hehe I only had the chance to assist this one show so I'm hoping for a recording to relive the experience over and over again
  12. I know mine is definitely planning to hide in a quiet corner. I told him to manage his expectations of finding any "quiet" space ... And can I say One week until the 1st show!!!!
  13. I can now confirm that I'll be there!! I may have a +1 with me, we shall see...