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  1. Here's the link, just in case About the new duet: "A super super big Italian singer that I can't reveal yet"
  2. So here it is. No Place In Heaven debuts on 3rd place on FIMI Italian albums chart. Unfortunately he didn't win the battle for the top but still a very good result.
  3. Tomorrow we'll find out how the album debuted on Italian official albums chart (FIMI) in its first week of release. Finger crossed
  4. The Canal + live stream works for me as well
  5. THAT'S RIGHT So so happy for the album, he's making a very good promo here so far! (hoping is gonna do the same in UK asap cause he needs it!) Anyway iTunes charts are slightly approximate so I'm waiting for the proper national charts, which is FIMI for Italy. Next week we might have a clearer picture
  6. Currently #2 on Italian iTunes chart, aiming for the top! p.s. happy NPIH release day anyone Hold on UK!
  7. It seems you can buy the vinyl exclusively on (at least for now), here
  8. New video from the Auditions in Bologna
  9. Pics from Auditions Day 1 source: He's wearing my own favourite item from Valentino F/W 2015 Men's collection
  10. So the Auditions started today in Bologna, here's a backstage video with the judges + host Basically he's saying nothing at all, same things from last year, from the year before ect.
  11. That's right! Let us know if anyone can see the video from their website
  12. The show is now on air and you can follow the live stream HERE Mika will appear around 20.45 local time, last guest on the show.
  13. Hey there, tonight's the night! I guess it's just ridicolous to write down my report 3 weeks later so I will not say anything but some impressions of mine. (And my beloved MFC mates already told you everything you need to know!) Well, I loved the show, it's just one of my favourite italian TV show so I obviously loved it. I decided to join the show cause I didn't want to miss that combo again (tv show + Mika as a guest), so I jumped on the train and I travelled all the way from Naples as usual lol While we were waiting inside the venue (but outside the studio) we had a look at the rehearsals through a screen so we already knew which songs he was going to perform (obviously our lead single Good Guys, and then Last Party to my surprise). Than we got in, I was really courius to see the studio and of course it was smaller than it looks in the tv, but whatever. Still great, one of the best we have. We managed to get the best seats (thanks to Marina too!), from 3rd row, most of us were close to each other, a big group of MFC members! Than our host Fabio came in and approached to say hi, he noticed some of our faces, especially yours, Robertina, didn't he? Since he's always aware of what he's going to talk with his guests, he said he really appreciated the album and its pop essence, with all the references to the '70s and stuff. Than they were ready to start recording and Mika suddenly came in without introduction cause they will put togheater the Mika part with the entire show on air tonight. So he sat at the piano and had the sat down at the piano and start singing. The achoustic was not good as I expected but I don't care since I can appreciate the song better on tv tonight. First time I heard the new songs live, I love te rhythm within Good Guys even if I thought the opposite the first time I heard the studio version. It's a very good single but maybe not so appropriate for summer time...but I'm not sure. Hope it sells well. As usual when on tv shows, there was a mix of audio recordings of the track (icluding choirs) and live performance by the band and Mika. As you know there were also a choir from Brescia named on purpose 'The Golden Guys' ( ) but I think they didn't sang much cause we've heard the original choirs as well. After that there was the proper interview, Fabio showed the physical copy of the album (deluxe edition) a lot, and than we noticed that the artwork was different (as we found out shortly after). Oh well,- big scoop - I can reveal you that on the back cover there will be (another) Lindbergh pic, with the same dark background you can see everywhere Big jump over the interview, I can say that I liked it but I need to watch it again cause, and I really wanna say that, the crowd was too damn loud. I was very focused on them during the interview but I had to deal with people talking or, moreover, clapping those fu :badword:ing hands everytime! At some point there was an applause for every answer by Mika, I was really annoyed by that At last he performed Last Party, only him at the piano, but of course he was not really playing cause the track was the same of the studio version, in the end he jumped on the piano so no hiding anymore Actually he just sang. By the way I really enjoyed the whole thing, in the end we left the studio and had some MFC reunion in a cafè nearby. Okay that's all!
  14. Ha! Don't think it has been already posted, so here's the artwork of the album in its Italian deluxe version, as showed during the interview at Che tempo che fa Strike a pose
  15. First post updated with links & pic from yesterday!