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  1. Utrecht, The Netherlands has 2 new dates - extra gigs 10/02/2020 + 12/02/2020 https://www.tivolivredenburg.nl/?s=mika
  2. Exta dates in Utrecht!! 10/02 + 12/02, tickets https://www.tivolivredenburg.nl/?s=mika
  3. https://www.facebook.com/events/1227657384071908/ Excited!!!!! 14/12/2019 Belgium - Vorst Nationaal
  4. I also received an email, It's only the seated tickets that need a re-print. You still have the same row?
  5. The fact he didn't stop to say goodbye, I think the organisation of the festival has something to do with it. The security guy at the end (the most reliable one with his black backpack) clearly said that they didn't want Mika to be on the street. Once he was outside the gates they wouldn't cover him anymore. And if he wants to leave then they wanted him to actually leave.
  6. Trip to Barcelona with a friend for 3 days perfect combination!
  7. [quote name=Claire!;4039284 How could you reach Mobistar to get an answer about the ID-Card? I contacted them on Twitter' date=' to know if I could enter alone before my husband (who actually won) arrives, but their answer doesn't satisfy me. I called their hotline too, but the guy on the phone didn't even know about the gig!!! [/quote] I posted a message on the facebook board of Mobistar in French: https://www.facebook.com/Mobistar.Belgique?fref=ts or Dutch: https://www.facebook.com/Mobistar.Belgie?fref=ts What did they answer to you? They told me the person who won the tickets has to show the id-card at the entrance and then can bring in +1 person Have fun Claire! and everyone else who can enter
  8. I played 12 times, one answer 33500 and didn't win Mobistar confirmed me today that the people who won has to show their id-card at the entrance. So in fact it is impossible to receive/purchase tickets from people who can't attend
  9. I went to the shop this morning and there were a few items of each size. Bought 3 pieces, not all them is my style
  10. This is so true! At first I put myself at the end of the line because I didn't really 'want' anything. Except for a picture but I never thought he would do it. So it was a surprise he did it anyway. I waited at the end of the line, until at a moment he was surrounded by people and simply couldn't move anymore And then I heard that they wanted to end. It felt so unfair for people at the back!! Although I managed to get my picture, the moment was so chaotic. I saw flashes but even don't know where that came from. A girl took a picture with her phone and send it to me (thank you!!!) but it's a bit blurry. Everything is better than nothing but I hope somebody has a picture of Mika & me, accidently of course but... you never know somebody took a picture of Mika the moment I stood next to him. I had a flashy blue coat (I attached the picture that I do have) Show was really nice and so funny, after all it was worth the 2 x 2,5 hours drive
  11. Finally added myself to rsvp list; after lots of ticket stress. Apparently and hopefully everything is alright now. I will come tomorrow with SonjaD. Looking forward to meeting you all & have lots of fun
  12. I think the problem is not that it is impossible to transfer from Belgium, but that it is not allowed
  13. I think the problem is not that it is impossible to transfer from Belgium, but that it is not allowed