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  1. I want so badly to see this livestream ! 😁 I'm just not sure I can watch it live. Anyone can tell me if the link will be valid for later use ????? 🤔
  2. I have nothing really to add, I had the same evening as Catherine. We were really close to each other ! I was almost late as I had to pick up my friend and she was late but it's ok, We could perfectly see even if I'm very small ! I loved to see Mika and I'm always a bit annoyed when he sing with other people who make mistakes in his songs. They didn't have so much time to practice. I liked Soran's version of Elle me dit. He sang it HIS way, he didn't try to mimic Mika. In the vid, we can see me singing behind Mika when he sings Boum Boum Boum.
  3. I'm actually going to be there ! I'm not following La Voix but it'll be a fun night with a friend and I'll see MIKA singing live so it worths it ! Not sure we'll wait for him after as my friend is not a huge fan but we'll see. I wish they'll use that show to talk about an upcoming gig.
  4. Seeing Mika on March 27th !!!!! YAY :D

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    2. Christine


      Have fun!! x

    3. kreacher


      im so happy you get to go to this Alie!

    4. Alie


      Thanks Christine and Dee ! I'm so excited :)

  5. Still not sure if I buy the OSM CD alone or the Re-release album. I found the link for the OSM album on Amazon Canada. No cover preview, damn ! http://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B0172V10NU?keywords=mika&qid=1446130790&ref_=sr_1_10&sr=8-10
  6. I can't believe this was 9 days ago. You can see my videos on Youtube, but I still need to edit my pictures. Not sure it'll work, first time I post a video since the new website. Here's the link to the whole playlist : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXXJ9OfzpYrZqMkjNFomCl7Jt9I-G2DzB I really want to do a proper repport, but I will quickly say : I was very glad to see Deb again ! And very nice to meet Christine. Sorry my "speaking" english is REALLY bad and I couldn't hear you proprely so I was very ashamed. Hope we'll see each other again. Very happy to see Guylaine, Catherine and the other MFCers from Montreal and around. I finally got my autograph on my Relax Single CD, won thanks to the MFC something like one and a half year ago. I'll show you a picture soon. Mika got out just in time, I had to take the subway and we got one of the last rides before it closed ! I felt sick the day after at work but I was better after a nad in the end of the afternoon. I was just too tired, I can't follow Mika's life he's really too busy for me !!! I didn't got a big "Mika moment" but it's ok, he was tired, I was tired, let's go to sleep.
  7. In PMD + feeling sick cuz I'm too tired. Mika worth it but gosh, I need to sleep. How does he manage it ???

  8. Quick repport as I'm going back tonight so I'm gonna do everything at the same time. It was a very nice gig !! I don't know if it's where I was or a generalised trouble, but the first 2 songs (NPIH and Toy Boy) the sound was VERY too loud and I couldn't enjoy the songs. It was like he was yelling in my ears. It came back to normal after Toy Boy. I hope it'll be ok tonight, I really love No Place In Heaven, it's one of my favourite songs of the new album ! I really enjoyed every song, I loved that we were allowed to stand up, sing and dance. I saw Simon Leclerc in the audience before Mika talked about him ! I didn't wait for Mika after the gig, I was working this morning and anyway, I'm coming back tonight. I don't think I'll wait for him for a very long time as I'm working tomorrow morning too. I just want his autograph my Relax Single CD but I'm confident he'll come back soon... It would be easier to get his autograph Monday but again, I'm working so I can't go. During the gig, sometime he was speaking in English, sometime in French.
  9. I can't go, I'm working 8 to 4. Have fun everybody who can go !! I hope many MFCers will be there !
  10. Not really a rumour, but I can't create a topic so : SECRET AND PRIVATE GIG in Montreal on Monday the 6th at noon for 300 lucky fans.
  11. Secret gig on Monday 6th ! MIKA a partagé la vidéo de Sucré Salé. 45 minutes · Caling Mika fans in Montreal..... Sucré Salé *** ON A UNE SURPRISE POUR VOUS!!! Assistez à un SHOW SECRET et PRIVÉ (300 personnes) de MIKA à Montréal avec Patrice et toute l'équipe de Sucré Salé! Tous les détails ici dans la vidéo, n'hésitez pas à la partager pour vos amis fans de Mika! Écrivez-nous à MIKASUCRESALE@GMAIL.COM Translation : *** WE HAVE A SURPRISE FOR YOU!!! Assist to a SECRET and PRIVATE MIKA GIG (300 persons) in Montreal with Patrice and the whole Sucré Salé team (It's a summer TV show) Watch the video for more informations, share it with your Mikafans' friends ! Write to MIKASUCRESALE@GMAIL.COM It's a secret gig around noon and the place is still secret, they will tell the winners on Sathurday. People must explain why they are Mika fans in the mail and they may got tickets for the gig. I can't go, I'm working (WTH a gig at noon ??? Mika, I'm at work from 8 to 4...)
  12. I think it's the first time I'm two days away from a gig and I still don't realize it ! Nothing is really planned. Well, I hope everything will be fine.
  13. So many great songs on this new album

    1. mikaforever!


      Hey me too!!!those 3 are my favorites

  14. Got my tickets today. Still waiting for my physical copy of the album...
  15. I heard it twice only and I had it stuck in my head the whole day ! I love it !
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