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    Shiny Stardust ~☆

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About Me

Hi ! I'm a 22 years old Mika fan from Quebec, Canada. In love with his music since the beginning, but a real fan since summer 2011, when Elle me dit was blasting the radio here.

MFCer since August 2012. Part of the MFC meet-up in Montreal, before the OSM's gigs.


Went to 7 gigs so far, 8 soon

- Festival des Montgolfières (Balloon festival) on August 15 2012

- An Intimate Evening tour, Theatre Corona in Montreal on April 6 2013

- First and second OSM gigs on February 10-11 2015

- Jazzfest in Montreal on July 4 and 5 2015

- La Voix (The Voice Quebec) on March 27 2016

- Tiny Tour, Theatre Corona in Montreal on September 15 2019


As a person, I'm shy but I love to talk. I'm speaking French, I can read and write English very well and... I "can" speak English hahaha but I still need to practice. I'm an animal lover : working as a Veterinary technician (a nurse for animals) and I own 2 dogs and a horse. And.. that's it. It's me !

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