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  1. My bus comes in at 1 so my sister and I are hoping to be there by 3! It looks like the weather will be okay too, which I was worried about seeing as how it is October in Chicago!
  2. Have you been to a Mika concert yet :teehee:

  3. woo yeah! Any chance you're in the metro-Detroit area like myself?
  4. After plenty of internal debate I have to say this is my favorite upbeat song from TOOL. I love the slower ones like Underwater and Heroes a lot, but Stardust is just amazing!
  5. woo yeah! Adventure Time is like the Mika equivalent of tv shows! Colorful, full of energy, and one-of-a-kind
  6. YES! :kachinga: another adventure time fan :hi5:

  7. Thanks! And yes, I am an Adventure Time fan!
  8. Thanks for being so welcoming everyone!
  9. Hi everyone! So here is my own little intro thread! My name is Vicki and I am a college student in Michigan in the United States-the one that looks like a glove I have been a fan of Mika since 7th grade, about 6 years ago, ever since my sister first introduced me to his music. Her and I are huge fans and are going to see him for the first time in less than two weeks in Chicago. In my spare time I like to read, get involved in community volunteer projects, work out and bake (counterproductive bu oh well ;P). I like a wide variety of music, anywhere from Daft Punk to Regina Spektor to Dar
  10. oop just kidding! I see you're RSVP'd as a yes, so I guess you were able to get tickets! =D
  11. Hey! I just posted this in the extra tickets thread, but figure I'll let you know directly, I have 2 spare tickets for The Vic! They were bought during the presale so we only got the order confirmation and can't get the physical tickets until the day of the show directly from the venue. But PM me if you're still interested and maybe there will be hope for you yet!
  12. Hi everyone! My sister and I have 2 spare tickets for The Vic in Chicago on October 18th!! However, they are presale tickets so we only have the ticket confirmation and can not pick up the physical tickets until the day of the show, directly from the venue. So we wouldn't be able to send them to you prior to the show, but we plan to be there by 3 at the latest (fingers crossed my bus comes in on time) and would be able to get and exchange them then! Anyone who is interested PM me!
  13. Hello! I'm Vicki and Im from the US. I just started college and have been a huge fan of Mika and his music since I first heard "Grace Kelly" in 8th grade. I just joined the MFC, and I'm really excited to get to talk with other Mika fans!! My older sister was the one to introduce me to his music and now 5 years later we're finally going to see him live at The Vic in Chicago in exactly 2 weeks! When I'm not listening to Mika I love to listen to a very wide variety of music, but some of my favorites are Regina Spektor, Daft Punk, Matt & Kim, and Darren Criss (any Glee fans? ).In my spare
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