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  1. second clue? Is it possible that I can only see the first clue?
  2. Hi! Cecileus and I are still looking for one member, from a country other than Belgium or France. (: We're "Team #56: Team Underwater!" Feel free to join us =)!
  3. I don't know whether it has already been posted , but every evening when I'm watching television, they play this shampoo advertisement. In the background, you can hear Happy Ending on piano. ^^
  4. Such a lovely project... I'm in as well if that's ok I'll send you my picture soon!
  5. Hi everybody! I've been here since a couple of months but I've always been the silent reading type , I was a little bit shy to post anything so I really feel at home here in the newbies thread ...
  6. After refreshing it 50 times, it finally started playing! yaaay! Enjoy everybody!! (:
  7. Can you guys see something already? I hope it's working ...
  8. I think he says there "Et je me suis dit booooon", which I guess means something like: "And I said to myself, weeeel I'm starting to sing again in Belgium and I will whistle for the first time, without making an idiot of myself." It was very funny, his laughing is so cute
  9. Ahh I've already been to this Brasserie de l'Ommegang, it's sooo close to where I go to school everyday .. Suuuch a great thing to know he was there too
  10. That's right, I didn't understand anything of what they were saying , but the only thing that I heard them saying was " Where does he actually come from, this Mika ? " and her friend would answer "Oah, somewhere from Libanon, I read." I could tell that they weren't really interested in the whole show. I also fled from my seat so they were left behind alone.
  11. I want to go to Mika tomorrow soooo badly , but my parents won't let me go ..
  12. Yes me too :-) , I guess someone at the entrance will have it. I'm going to take the mail with me for safety
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