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  1. Hi I'd like to ask a question. I have just noticed the description on a youtube video (mikas piano lullaby) the girl says mika dedicated it to her. I still don't believe her but who knows. Is it true? Here's the video
  2. yes they just launched an association that defends gay rights here, I consider that as a first step but still...
  3. so glad to know about all of this, hope stuff like this will happen in my country.where I live where gays actually get jailed
  4. Mika said something about peace in the International festival of Carthage in 2012 he said that his grandmother is Lebanese, his grandfather is Syrian and his father is american and despite that fact, peace reigns over his area (salon he said, his living room) and then mika made a wish, and wished that the whole world will become like his area :blush-anim-cl::blush-anim-cl: ps: Sorry for my English mistakes, he was speaking in french and i had to translate it
  5. good and you?

  6. Hey :D how are you?

  7. Aliens are having tea with me! they are Mikafreaks they say hi anyways... They are staying in our planet for two days because cows are nice.. By the way Im drunk c: I only love only love only love you when Im drunk :das:
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