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  1. Gracias! aunque un poco tarde ;)

  2. si seria buena idea ;) ahora tengo que dormir son las 4 am :o

  3. Estoy bien gracias, mucho que estudiar ultimamente :( y tu? hace ya tiempo no chateamos :freak:

  4. good and you?

  5. hey, feels cool to finally see a male... :-S

  6. oh que buena foto:biggrin2::arf2: me gusta la bufanda :freak:

  7. welcome to MFC

  8. don't worry, I'm new too and I already feel I can find my way through this site :D awesome site!

  9. si comprendo... esperare :nervous:

  10. que chulo! yo quiero una camiseta, talvez en mi cumple :D sabes si hay otras competencias ahora?

  11. yeah, I like to draw but i can't, wich is kinda annoying

  12. are u in the doodle competition?

  13. he's got most of his fans there

  14. sweden :( he goes to france twice a year :aah:

  15. sweet :naughty: kinda same for me. have you seen mika live? i haven't :sneaky2:

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