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  1. Well I'm not that good at french, but I know the numbers :wink2:


    1 - un

    2- deux

    3 - trois

    4- quatre

    5 - cinq

    6 - six

    7 - sept

    8 - huit

    9 - neuf

    10 - dix




    11 - onze

    12 - douze

    13 - treize

    14 - quatorze

    15 - quinze

    16 - seize

    17 - dix-sept (like 10 +7)

    18 - dix-huit

    19 - dix-neuf

    20 - vingt

    21 - vingt et un (like 20 and 1)

    30 - trente

    40 - quarante

    50 - cinquante

    60 - soixante

    70 - soixante-dix (like 60 + 10)

    71 - soixante-onze (60 + 11)

    80 - quatre-vingt (4 x 20)

    90 - quatre-vingt dix

    91 - quatre-vingt onze (90 + 11)

    100 - cent

    1000 - mille

    1000000 - milllion

    1000000000 - milliard (not really sure. :D)

  2. I though I would've been a "My Interpretation!" most of the description is contradictory though! :P:mf_rosetinted:


    You Scored as "Relax (Take It Easy)"


    Sometimes you get over the line, then you find your life full of extremes. You have these days, when no one is around you, and feel lonely, so you try to treat your inner problems yourself. You never rush in a hurry, though you never think too much, you prefer listening to your heart, not mind. And you are the first person whom people want to ask for an advice.


    "Relax (Take It Easy)" 90%

    "Billy Brown" 85%

    "Stuck In The Middle" 85%

    "Lollipop" 85%

    "Love Today" 80%

    "Any Other World" 80%

    "Grace Kelly" 75%

    "My Interpretation" 50%

  3. School.:mikacool: Always..... Interesting. RP!! I tried it! It's not as stupid as I thought! It's actually addicting. I love it now. I did one that made a little section of the Sherlock fandom breakdown for a second. It was great!:naughty: Ha!! Change into a man, or were you a man the whole time, but it was a secret?


    I know whatcha mean. Writing is seriously the only thing I have going for me though, so I'm holding on tightly. :aah: I don't want to sound full of myself, but I'm quite good. I've put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into writing, so I hope it works out someday. :) If that doesn't work out, I'm considering beings a psychologist. I want to research mental illness and compulsions.

    That would be a perfect way to get your mind flowing! His concerts are so intense!

    YES! I've been watching most of it from youtube, bought Live Parc des Princes Paris, and each time I feel like, "ONE DAY I AM SO GOING TO BE THERE B*TCHES. JUST WAIT FOR MEEE" haha. :D

  4. I'm thinking of deleting one blog because I lost my muse for that blog and I haven't gone there in almost a month, I have no idea why they haven't kicked me out of the RP group, well maybe because I'm good friends with one of the mods :aah: Oh and I read it :teehee: I really like it, it was pwetty

    read what? my blog? HAHA. I'm trying to improve its still though. setting up more articles, more pictures I edited, and how to change the freaking fonts. :D but I have to go now. nice meeting all of you! :)))) ~*GOOD VIBES*~

  5. Oh, you know, school and stuff :mf_rosetinted: and of course, RPing, now my character is a man thanks to a Magic!Anon and yeah, so many things had happened in that RP lol


    Oh! You write! Maybe when you're famous I can get to say "I KNOW HER! I KNOW HER! WE'RE ON THE SAME FORUMS!" Or something like that :biggrin2: I feel old now, I'm 19 lol and aw that'd be awesome! I think I can't keep a blog, maybe tumblrs :aah: I have like...four whoops :teehee:

    I deleted all my tumblr and other blogs because I couldn't keep them as well! I just made this new one and stick to it no matter what. :D I posted a love letter for MIKA the other day. (didn't label it because I was too ashamed of myself. hahaha)

  6. We're fine now, but I have extra love so come here :huglove: are you new? I haven't seen you before, I'm Blanca :biggrin2: Psych101? Woah, I have like...4 psychologies lol, well I tok 2 last semester and now other 2, geez I'm not even gonna be a psychologist lol



    How've you been, Micah? :naughty:

    I'm a Psychologist major. :)) I'm also just 17, and have just started college. :)) but I seriously want to be a writer. :D I'm might just write about all of you guys one time! :Dhttp://www.doucereve.blogspot.com/

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