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  1. So glad to hear others feel the same way!!! I never really thought about that whole desperate EMILLLYYYYY thing but it does make a bunch of sense, it seems to change the whole tone of the song. Every time I heard it I wished it was SHE TELLS MEEE! which I feel would still fit in with the beat and sound wonderful but alas, what can ya do? Even though Emily isn't a bad song by any means I think I'll still be sticking with Elle me dit for now -P.S sorry about this thread being in the wrong place I didn't realize there was a "music" type section, Sorry guys!
  2. Hi and welcome to the MFC :bye:

  3. Maybe I'm the odd one out, but I get a totally different feeling when listening to Emily than I do with Elle Me Dit. It might just be because I came across Elle Me Dit before I heard Emily but I much prefer "she tells me" than "emily". In Elle Me Dit it feels like Mika is much more relatable, he was in our place getting yelled at by his parents. His mom telling him what to do and being ashamed of him, but it Emily it sounds like he is telling Emily what to do like He is the parent or a boyfriend telling Emily to do better. I wish he had gone with a closer translation to the french version. Anyone else get the same feeling or am I just way out there, and misinterpreting this?